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The get-it-wet-test

Fit your wetsuit online, try it at home and then take it for a surf. The true test of a wetsuit is how it feels and fits when you get it wet, that’s why we give you 30 days to put it to the test; Sand, salt, wax, the works.

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Start your 30 day trial

Try your SRFACE wetsuit risk-free for 30 days. No strings attached. One continuously updated, flawless wetsuit design in different thicknesses which offers ultimate warmth and limitless stretch.

Risk-free 30 day trial

We’re confident you’ll love your SRFACE wetsuit. Which is why we’ll give you 30 days to trial it. And one year no-nonsense warranty.

SRFACE loves service

Our experienced team of surfers is available seven days a week to answer every question you can think of.

Free shipping & returns

Free same day shipping in Europe is included with every order. Returns are free, too.

Wetsuit shopping, reinvented

Try it on, paddle out, cut back, get tubed. You can try any of our products for 30 days from the day you receive them. This post-purchase, risk-free 30 day trial serves as our return policy.

From factory direct to you

SRFACE is an online wetsuit shop. Direct sales means you get all the high-end features and materials but at up to 50% of the price.

From € 215

I've tried many wetsuits over the past couple of years... But I'm sticking with SRFACE"

Boris Romann

Customer reviews

Lars Musschoot

"During my career as a professional surfer I've had the chance to try almost every wetsuit brand out there. SRFACE definitely measures up to the top brands... and actually fits me better. I like how you guys left out the bullshit and focussed on what you need in a wetsuit. Warmth, flex and durability. ”

Mees Koch

"Pretty much a perfect wetsuit. Surfed it in freezing temperatures without a problem. Flexible enough for airs and some serious turns. Saved some money for my next surf trip too... :-) ”

Twan Lugten

"SRFACE equals great fit, features and flex for an honest price. No bullshit. ‘The ultimate wetsuit’ is quite a promise, but the combination of quality and price blew me away. I’ll save the 5th star for a hooded 6mm.”

Ready to surf?

We want you to love your SRFACE wetsuit. But if you're having second thoughts, we'll give you your money back. No questions asked.

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