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Design principles

We design without compromise

Only the best is good enough

We’ve set out to make the ultimate wetsuit affordable. That’s why we’ll never compromise on quality or cut corners on design. We use the most flexible neoprene foam and lining available on the market. And when we seal and tape our seams, we go all the way. Selling exclusively online allows us to bring you all the high-end materials at up to 50% of the price.

We cut out the bullsh*t and call it as it is

If it’s limestone neoprene, we’ll call it that. We never really understood all those fancy names anyway. We use materials and features only if they make a better product, never because ‘it sells’.

We take all sizes seriously

Our size range includes almost every surfer body type imaginable. We’ve performed a global study in cooperation with the world’s leading technical university (TU Delft) and analysed more than 10.000 3D body scans to come up with the perfect patterns and size chart.

We test… and test again

We’re actually surfers. So even when we’re paddling out for a session ourselves we’ll be wearing and testing our wetsuits. We work together with a network of over 50 ambassadors who put our products to the test. And please, share with us what you like or don’t like and we’ll listen. Your feedback allows us to create a better product.

It’s a science

We’ve created digital mannequins for every surfer body type and the patterns to match them. This allows us to simulate how a wetsuit will perform. And every sample is put to the test by our ambassadors: From a clean summer’s day at La Graviere to a freezing and stormy North Sea.

We honor our craft and work with the best

Discover our manufacturing principles

Ready to hit the water?

There must be no surf, if you made it all the way down here. Or you’re stuck at work wishing you were in the water. We know the feeling.

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