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3/2 mm flex

Zarautz , España


Muy bueno

El traje es súper cómodo y caliente con agua a 16.5 grados he pasado calor. Ligero y muy cómodo. Lo recomiendo. Tuve un problema con el envío y me lo solucionaron rápidamente vía email.

Fabrizio Pasquetto
4/3 mm heat

Amstelveen, Netherlands


Great wetsuit, awesome quality price ratio

Great wetsuit that dries super fast. Order process was super smooth, it was easy to find out my ideal size just by entering my height and weight. I choose SRFACE because I saw a lot of surfers using it and I was looking for a good quality wetsuit without spending too much money giving the fact that I unfortunately do no t surf too often.

The fit of the wetsuit is perfect. I would definitely recommend SRFACE to a friend.

Chris Welch
3/2 mm heat

Lagos, portugal


Fantastic company with a great ethos

I really love the wetsuit I have purchased. It's been super warm and comfortable.

Even more than how much I love the suit, I love the company! The delivery was fast and effortless plus the packaging was eco friendly and they provided all I would need for returning the suit if it didn't fit (this wasn't an issue for me).

Matthew Patterson
3/2 mm heat

Castleton, United Kingdom



Super easy to order (once you decide which to get!). Delivery was pretty decent and the returns stuff is included too if needed.

I ordered in mid april with the sea temp of around 8 or 9 celsius. Knowing there was a 30day return window I thought I'd have a quick dip just to check it out (and then change into my winter suit to finish the sesh). My suit is a 3/2 heat, and wow! I was in the water for over 2.5hours and didn't feel cold once! Staggering performance!

Very very impressed so far! Certainly cannot fault the comfort, warmth, ordering process, even the little emails you get before the suit arrives, all very nice touches! One thing I can't comment on is longevity, I hope it impresses me as much as I have been so far.

Felix Achatz
5/4 mm heat hooded

Regensburg, Deutschland



Good quality, love the 30 day test option!

Amaury Dumortier
4/3 mm remix



Very good

Flexible and warm. Top!

Pim van de Noort
4/3 mm heat

Amsterdam, Netherlands



The suit is really tight so all the sleeves connect very well to my legs and wrists. The overhead-zipper mechanism works great and makes closing up the suit extremely easy.

Erik Danielsen
5/4 mm remix hooded

Hillerod, Denmark


Super impressed

Really smooth order process. Suit arrived only few days after I ordered. I’ve now had the pleasure to use this suit for windsurf and for 'normal' surfing. It is sooo comfortable to wear. Super flexible, lightweight and warm. The fit was perfect with my usual size.

No complaints. Highly recommend.

4/3 mm heat

The Hague, Netherlands



My daughter is very happy whit her new wetsuit. It fits perfect!

5/4 mm heat

The Hague, Netherlands


5/4 heat review

Never felt cold with this wetsuit surfing 2+ hours in the North sea in April. Materials feel nice on the body. Relatively easy to put on and take off, as far as wetsuits go. Speedy delivery.