Junior Support & Marketing Assistant

Junior Support & Marketing Assistant

32 hours / remote 

About us

SRFACE is a direct-to-consumer wetsuit scaleup focussed on designing high-end products and delivering exceptional customer service. Since the launch of our brand in 2018 we’re growing rapidly.

We’re a passionate team of founders, partners, employees, and ambassadors based in The Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany and South Africa. We love surfing. We even love surfing in cold water. We believe that the more you surf, the better you feel. Amazed at the high price of quality wetsuits, we made it our mission to design the wetsuit we couldn’t find, at a price we could afford. 

What you’ll do

As Junior Support & Marketing Assistant you’ll play a vital role in the heart of our business. You’ll be responsible for delivering exceptional 1st and 2nd line customer support through our single channel support platform. You’ll answer questions of potential customers about our products and service and help them find the right wetsuit. You will also be responsible for handling warranty claims and other 2nd line support questions about shipping and order issues. You love talking to customers and making them happy. You’re used to working within business processes and are very well organized, but are flexible enough to improvise and adapt when needed. If a process doesn’t work, you take the initiative to change it. You’ll work (remotely) in shifts from 0900-1700 (CEST) with an extra weekend or evening shift every now and then.

When you’re not talking to customers, you’ll be assisting our marketing team in the daily operation: Preparing social media posts, engaging with followers, writing blog and SEO content and talking to our ambassadors about their surf adventures. 

A typical day as Support & Marketing Assistant

You start your day by checking our customer support dashboard. Are there any open tickets or follow-ups to address? After emailing a customer with a proposal for their warranty request and emailing our fulfilment partner about a lost package, you check into our project management app Asana and start working on your scheduled and newly assigned tasks for the day. You follow-up on a customer to check if their replacement order arrived and close the ticket after the customer confirms with a smile and 5-star rating. As the morning progresses the traffic on our webshop starts increasing, so you’ll get your first incoming questions from potential customers. You help a couple of potential customers find the right wetsuit size and advise someone on the best wetsuit thickness for their next surf trip. You convert three incoming tickets into orders and share the good news with the rest of the team! The waves are on, so you’re going for a quick lunch surf session.

Whenever you’re not talking to customers and after your inbox is cleared, you jump on a short call with our Marketing Director to discuss the next blog post you’ve proposed: “10 tips to buying a wetsuit online”. You draft the article in the afternoon and browse our content library to find some good images for the post. You jump on Google Meet for a 10-minute meeting with our Chief Operating Officer and discuss a new ticket about a lost package and propose to write a standard reply and working instruction for similar cases to save time in the future. You finish the day by escalating a new warranty request to our product team and writing some captions for upcoming social media posts. 

About you & what we expect

  • You love surfing and know a thing or two about wetsuits and the industry
  • You’re fluent in English (both written and spoken)
  • You love making customers happy and focus on excellence: You truly believe any issue is an opportunity to solve someone’s problem and surprise them
  • You have experience with (online) customer support
  • You’re tech savvy and feel comfortable working (remotely) with apps like Asana, Intercom, WordPress and Google Workspace (or similar)
  • You have experience with writing, editing and social media (management)
  • You’re independent and well organized: A self-starter who doesn’t need a boss to tell him or her what to do
  • You’re not afraid to keep learning and receive feedback: You naturally ask questions and try to understand and improve things

Why this is one of the coolest jobs in the world

  • Work remote: Work wherever you want: From the beach, Bali, Portugal, home… it’s up to you. All you need is a good internet connection and a laptop.
  • Surf: We’re surfers… so when the waves are on, we’ll make it work.
  • Team: We started this business so we could surf and enjoy the adventure together. Want to join?
  • Work & learn: Work with and learn from an experienced team of like minded entrepreneurs and surfers.
  • Career: We’re a fast growing scaleup with career opportunities. 

We aim to become the world’s biggest surf company. Yep, that’s quite a mission. To accomplish this goal we’re looking for people who dare to dream big. Send your motivation and resume to jobs@srface.com.