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A wetsuit is a tight-fitting flexible garment that is specifically designed to keep you warm in cold water. For a wetsuit to do its job, it is of great importance the wetsuit fits your body like a second skin. In contrast to your everyday clothes, most wetsuit brands offer a wide range of wetsuit sizes to fit many different body types. Wetsuit sizes are built up by combining body height and chest and waist width. If you’re not sure what wetsuit size is best for you, use the SRFACE Wetsuit Size Finder.

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Size Finder

The Size Finder is an intuitive online size chart developed by SRFACE that recommends the best wetsuit size based on your body type. Fill in your sizes such as your height, weight, chest and waist circumference sizes and the Size Finder will calculate the best size for you. Note that wetsuit sizes are different for each brand, so always check out the size finder carefully to make sure you fit a certain size before buying a wetsuit online. Although the size finder is intuitive and should put out your correct size, please keep reading to get a better understanding of how to measure, what these measurements mean and what this tells you about your body type. Make sure you have your flexible tape measure, or rope and ruler ready and fill in your measurements into the online Size Finder.

How to measure your wetsuit length size

Height and weight measurement

Open the SRFACE wetsuit size finder here. You can fill in your measurements in metric or imperial sizes, so make sure you switch the cm/inch toggle at the top right to the preferred scale. To start to determine your wetsuit size, go ahead with measuring your height from the bottom of your heel to the top of your head. The best way to do this is to stand against a doorpost and put a book vertically on the top of your head. Measure from the floor to the bottom of the book to find out your exact height. After you have checked your height, find a scale and measure your weight. For instance, you measure 180cm, this makes you a contender for size ST (Small Tall), M (Medium) or L (Large)

Your body weight is a good indicator to estimate your chest and waist width. For instance, if you’re 180cm tall and weight 82kg you’ll most likely need a size L (Large). But be careful, your body weight is not a guarantee for a perfect fit. Bodyweight is distributed differently for every individual. To be 100% sure you get the right size wetsuit you need two more measurements: Your chest and your waist circumference. This will give you a better idea about your body type and avoid unnecessary size exchanges.

How to measure your wetsuit chest size

Chest size measurement

To get the best results when using the SRFACE size finder, measure your chest circumference or chest size. This size is one of the most important measurements to determine your wetsuit size. But how to measure your chest size? Get a flexible tape measure, or rope and measure around the widest part of your chest, just under your armpits at the nipple line. Your measurements might be influenced by breathing in and out. To correct this use the average of inhale and exhale while breathing naturally. For instance, your chest might measure 103cm.

How to measure your wetsuit waist size

Waist size measurement

After you have determined your chest size, measure the circumference of your waist. Measure around your waistline, just above your belly button and below your rib cage. For instance, your waist might measure 87cm. Which means you’re almost 100% a size L (Large)!

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Wetsuit brand size converter

If you already own a wetsuit that fits you well you can use the SRFACE wetsuit size Brand Converter to find your size match. In most cases, SRFACE wetsuit sizes correspond with sizes from other brands. In some cases, there are slight differences and overlaps between sizes. Keep in mind every brand uses its unique patterns, so wetsuit fit will vary between brands. SRFACE patterns are neatly tailored to fit many different body types. But to be sure, you get the right size, measure yourself and fill in your sizes into the online size finder for best results.