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4/3 mm eco

Bristol, United Kingdom



Exceptional fit as usual. The suit is very warm and flexible especially compared to other Yulex wetsuits I've tried. Highly recommended!

Liz willett
3/2 mm flex

Derby , United Kingdom


Really good

I really struggled finding a wetsuit that fit when I went to shops in the uk. They gaped at the neck and shoulders. The fit support I got was excellent. The suit arrived really quickly. The video demo rating how to put it on and off was really helpful. I wouldn’t have worked it out myself. The first time on was a struggle to get it off but it has got easier with time and practice. Once on it actually looks good, for a wetsuit. It is comfortable and I can move well. The amazing part is when you get wet. I didn’t get cold! The water temperature was 10 Celsius and I didn’t get water shock. I stayed warm. The suit fit well so I didn’t get cold water seepage into gaps. I’ve tried several different brands and styles of suits and this is by far the best. Very happy.

Mike Melissaridis
4/3 mm remix

Panorama, Greece


Very good quality

The ordering process was very easy. I would definitely recommend it!

6/5 mm heat hooded

De Bilt, Netherlands


Heat 6/5 Hooded: Super warm!

Already had a Heat 5/4. Like it a lot, only neck seal was not tight enough to prevent water entry while submerging. Heat 6/5 Hooded arrived last Friday and could try the next day. My first hooded wetsuit and really impressed by it, perfect fit, super comfortable and no water entry while duckdiving. So far my warmest wetsuit ever.

david blount
5/4 mm hooded

Lahinch, Ireland


Remix 5/4 hooded

I'm a longtime hooded 5/4 RipCurl Flashbomb user. I was skeptical when it arrived as the neoprene seems so much thinner than the 5/4 flashbomb. But after a winter of using the Remix, I've just bought my second for this winter. It's WAYYYY more flexible than the Flashbomb, way lighter as it doesn't soak as much water into the liner. Maybe not as warm, but not too far off. The additional flexibility is worth the trade off. Its insane how warm this neoprene is though for how light and flexible it feels on. Butter. It feels like one of those premium Japanese made wetsuits that a friend let me try on years ago.
the suit from last year is still in good condition too after multiple uses per week last winter. No leaky seams yet, just a bit bit of compression on a knee pad from duckdiving. Nothing I cant easily self fix by gluing another small layer of neoprene over it. Thats the only feedback I'd give the makers - Maybe use cheaper harder tougher neoprene on the knee pads?

3/2 mm remix

Rotterdam, Netherlands


Top notch!

Service was top notch! No hassle with returns, swift delivery and no-nonsense return policy.

I ordered a 4/3 mm Remix and it had a small production error. The return process was fast. I got a new 4/3 within days.

The fit is great and my 4/3 feels like a 5/4. I surf cold waters (North Sea) and even after a big wipe out there is little to no water that enters the suit. Really like the flex.

Top product, bought a new 5/4 as well.

3/2 mm heat

München, Germany


I’m happy.

The size finder was very helpful. The possibility to chat with someone, which I took advantage of, was also very good. The packaging is very cleverly done. I use it for my wetsuit. Nothing is wet in the car. There was no problem with the delivery, only the packaging bag was slightly damaged during transport. I treated them with adhesive tape so that I can use them safely.

I always feel comfortable in it and it looks very nice too. I use it for paddling on the lake. The water temperature was 14 degrees. I jumped/swim into the water. I felt comfortable in the water and then on the board I didn't feel cold. Excellent!!! Yes, and unfortunately it happened to me. When I took it off, I damaged the suit with my fingernail. I got help straight away from SRFACE. Received neoprene glue and everything is fine now. Again thank you very much. My first wetsuit and who knows, one day I'll learn to surf too.

Maria Marinakis
3/2 mm remix

Ocean City, United States



SRFACE Remix 4/3 is the best wetsuit I have ever owned-- by far.

Thanks to the friendly and helpful guidance the 4SX fit best (107 lbs/5'1"). Tight at first try on but once in the water stretches and becomes like second skin. FLEXIBLE and WARM. No flushing. Comfy even during windy sessions.

The online chat is quick in responses. The order process efficient and and delivery received in just a few days here in the US.

Highly recommend SRFACE!

Jonas Schäfers
5/4 mm heat

Cologne, Germany



I am rallye happy with the Heat. Its warm, feels nice, easy to put on! God quality!

3/2 mm remix

Weiden , Germany


Love the suit

I came to it by chance, looking for a no nonsense, yet elegant wetsuit. Warm enough for icy pockets while diving and keeping you warm for kite surfing. Although slipping into it needed get used to, the overall experience was great. No chilling shock while going to the water, great movement thanks to the flexibility. And no unpleasant smell afterwards. I love your well developed products and the great price coming with it. An absolute recommendation. I already told my friends about them.