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3/2 mm flex

Drachten, Netherlands


Lovely suit

10/10 would recommend. The size finder is accurate and it fits like a glove. It was a bit of a hassle to get in for the first time compared to my 5/3 Brunotti but after 2 sessions it's super easy and seals really well. Went out on a 9 degree celsius day with the 3/2 and it was not cold at all. Plenty of jumps and crashes in the water and only a little bit of water got trough.

The suit is flexible AF and I felt no resistance in movement what so ever.

Do order the ankle straps with it when you kite surf though. They tend to easily hold splashing water and water from crashes. Easy fix with the ankle strap.

Ordering and shipment went smooth.

3/2 mm flex

Den Haag, Netherlands


Innovative and improving

I'm surfing in SRFACE wetsuits for a couple of years now and I notice that they keep on improving. The fit is amazing. I'm tall and quiet skinny, but leg and arm cuffs are long enough and still snug. Materials are high quality and feel natural to the skin. Looking forward seeing a wider range of products in the future!

2/2 mm top

Hengelo, Netherlands


A great spring suit

The spring suit is comfortable and well fitted due to the many options for size and is very comfortable!! It keeps you warm and looks great!

Nika van Koolwijk
4/3 mm heat

Sydney , Australia


Good fit

Fit is great. Keeps me warm in the Sydney winter and super comfy.

Roel Hendrickx
4/3 mm heat

Eindhoven, Netherlands


Nice, affordable wetsuit

Good quality wetsuit. Easily ordered on the SRFACE website.

Arjen Geertsema
4/3 mm eco

De Groeve, Netherlands


Very good

Very good!

David Strambach
4/3 mm heat

Karlsruhe, Germany


Best wetsuit I had so far!

After one year of heavy using I‘m still impressed of the wetsuit. Last year I used it for 2 months every day 8 hours as a kite instructor and also the rest of the year for all my private sessions as well. Still fits perfect, no damages at all. The best thing about it is, that it‘s super comfy and stretchy and with the fleece inside even in cold conditions (as low as 10 degrees water temperature) warm enough.

Well done! Will buy it again 🙂🤙🏽

Zoe Clark
4/3 mm heat

Köln, Germany


Love it!

It is my first wetsuit and I really love it. I tested it in really cold water and I was perfectly fine. It is just quite difficult to put the wetsuit on, I need some help for that… but the instruction video helps as well.

Marco Pustelak
4/3 mm heat

Filderstadt, Germany


First bought Wetsuit – can’t complain!

Through a friend who has been surfing for a few years, I got the recommendation for this wetsuit. Because of his experience with a variety of wetsuits, it was clear to me that I wanted to try this wetsuit. I am completely satisfied with the purchase! Starting with the website, which is very clear and where you feel super supported in the size decision. Also the fact that you can test for 30 days (even in the water theoretically), I really liked. The delivery was fast and has not even taken 24h. The wetsuit is of excellent quality, from the inside and outside the seams are sealed and it is very flexible despite the thickness. Thus, I had virtually no water in the wetsuit and the mobility did not suffer at all. In the first two weeks, no wear was visible, the fit was still perfect.

All in all, a wetsuit with an A grade price-performance ratio. We were both very satisfied and can only recommend the wetsuit.

Thanks, SRFACE! :)

4/3 mm heat

Dorset, United Kingdom


An excellent product

I've used many different brands of wetsuit - this has been the best. The warmth and flexibility of the material is excellent. It was really comfortable and a good fit. Moreover, what was brilliant was that at the end of a long surf, with cold hands and limbs, it was by far the easiest suit to get on and off.