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Surfed 4MM

Haarlem, The Netherlands


Good quality, perfect fit

MT 4/3 fits perfectly, I'm 189cm tall and weigh 77kg.

Pierre Dugue
Surfed 3MM

Brest, France


Excellent produit

Commande parfaite, livraison dans les délais. C’est ma 2ème combinaison Srface (5mm et 3 mm). Je m’en sers exclusivement pour la natation en mer. Aucune gène dans les mouvements. Très bonne isolation. Excellente résistance. À recommander y compris aux nageurs en eau froide (10 à 13 degrés). Look sympa.

Surfed 4MM

Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Very convenient that the wetsuits ships in a resealable waterproof bag and that it comes with wetstuit shampoo. The wetsuit is comfortable and very warm. I'm very happy with the wetsuit.

Surfed 3MM

Langenfeld, Germany


Really good stuff

I have the 3/2 and the 5/4. Ordering was very easy and the delivery very quick. I tried the 3/2 first during two weeks of holiday wearing it every day for kitesurfing. It was still windy, air temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees. Water also 15. Warm enough. Don't need a thicker one. All parts gluing and stitched looks like new. Also the whole wetsuit. Surfed the 5/4 today. 8 degrees air and 14 degrees water for wakeboarding. I sweated.

Both wetsuits are super warm and flexibel. Easy to put on and to take off. Comfortable during wearing so I am really satisfied. Really good stuff for a super price.

One time there was a small think that happened. The zipper opened during surfing. I think it was my mistake. Some of the guys I know, think it is important to secure the zip with a magnet or something like this. Most of the people are looking for wetsuits like ION, NP, O'Neill, Rip Curl, etc. And so they will compare every other wetsuit with the other brands. Naturally me too. In my opinion the SRFACE is better than most. Reduced to the important things. Also i think the SRFACE wetsuits are not expensive. I am curious for the new wetsuits with hood.

Surfed 4MM

Oostvoorne, Netherlands


A lot of value for money

Good quality wetsuit and feels very comfortable

Surfed 4MM

Innsbruck, Austria


Really pleased

I have been surfing the wetsuit in april in France and am really happy about it actually. Just two things that I noticed with my S size 4/3 suit. I had had a bit of rash at my neck and somehow for me the knee-patches seemed to be a bit not centered over my knee but that can also be just my body...

All in all I am really pleased with the wetsuit, as my friend traveling with me was wearing his 6/5 wetsuit and I was okay with the 4/3 in the water.

M.J. de Koning
Surfed 4MM

Haarlem, Netherlands


Good fit en great price

Normally I buy C-skins and O'Neill wetsuits but decided to try SRFACE... Am very happy with it ;-))

Surfed 5MM

Hoek van Holland, The Netherlands



It's a great wetsuit. High-end. Recommended!

Joost Musters
Surfed 5MM

Amsterdam, Nederland


The best wetsuit so far!

Wetsuit feels, fits and is great! Best wetsuit I bought so far!

Surfed 3MM

Den Haag, Netherlands


Impressive quality!

The website is very clear, makes it easy to choose the right size. I received my order the next day! I tried my 3mm during my Cabo Verde trip and it immediately felt comfortable. Stretch is great. For sure when I need to replace my other wetsuits I will consider one from SRFACE.