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Claas Westerhof
Surfed 5hMM

Rotterdam, Netherlands


Super good wetsuit

Very well made wetsuit, no frills, nice price.

Surfed 4MM

Breda, Netherlands



It is nice and warm, zipper works well, had no problems with it and no wear marks yet.

Daniel Stabbert
Surfed 4MM

Oberstdorf, Germany



Hi! Great product and very well made! I think the packaging idea is great! I have been surfing for 4 weeks and am very satisfied.

The only problem: the smooth neoprene is so slippery that the board at late-take offs sometimes slipped off my chest (despite wax), which cost me a few waves until I got used to it. In addition, my M is like a MS and is unfortunately a bit too small (I surf for 25 years and always had M at all brands with 1.78 and 68kg).

Still, thumbs up and thanks!

Surfed 5MM

Lahinch, Ireland


Great Wetsuit

Stoked on this wetsuit, I am lucky enough to surf a lot on the west coast of Ireland, used this suit 8 or 9 times in the last couple of weeks and it’s settling in nicely. First couple of sessions I got flush up the cuffs and legs and the hood was twisted which had me worried.....but the flush stopped and the hood sorted itself out after a couple of sessions .....this wetsuit seems to be adapting to my body shape......5 Stars so far

Theo Boudewijn
Surfed 5MM

Brecht, Belgium


Nice, flexible, warm, slightly tight 5 mm LT (192 cm)

Really nice suit not much bling but I do like form & function and the corresponding correct price. On land I found very tight, once in the water this hardly bothered me. The forearms and neck may be a little more wide.

I think I had good advice from Chris. Good service, trial period extended by one week and then decided to keep it.

Nice and warm, almost no water through the neck and the same for the legs and certainly nothing via the wrists. If the suit stays as good as it looks then I will buy a thinner version too.

Wolfgang Kretschmer
Surfed 3MM

Cape Town, South Africa


Good quality, fits great, good looking… black with orange zip/detail

The ordering, ie checking sizing etc. is perfect, delivery was good as well, although I had it sent to my sister in Starnberg / Germany... I would be fantastic if you would try and get a depot in Cape Town I think. Everybody here who saw the wetsuit was highly impressed.

Stijn Van Berendonck
Surfed 5MM

Kapellen, Belgium


Very satisfied with the new 5/4 hooded

The suit was quickly delivered and well packaged in a thick strong plastic bag that can be re-used. The suit itself immediately looked great. I was looking for a new suit to get through this winter since the previous one of a top brand started to collapse after a fierce 4 seasons. I immediately noticed that this suit isn't at all inferior. Well sealed and the size was perfect and the same as the standard size that I trust. I have already tested it but it wasn't very cold so I was sweating after a session of more than 3 hours. Hardly any water in, just a bit along the zipper but that is no different from other suits. The flex is also good for a winter suit. Highly recommended, I am very satisfied and look forward to the winter in the North Sea.

Pelle tuinenburg
Surfed 4MM

Amsterdam , Netherlands


This simply is a really good wetsuit

The first time fitting at home was a luxury because you are always sweating and a new suit is a bit tight. Today I tried it in Portugal for the first time and the suit felt flexible as soon as I hit the water. The wetsuit is nice and warm, is comfortable despite my unusual body with short legs and long back and arms. Nice hack: when it got too hot, I loosened the shoulder toggle and that feels like turning on the air conditioning. Furthermore, it is striking how well the suit is made: the seams, the intersections, the warm material on your body, everything that you would normally pay three times as much with the "well-known brands".

Surfed 4MM

Den Haag, Netherlands


Great wetsuit!

What a great wetsuit! With my height of 195 cm I was afraid that the 4/3 MT might have been too small and that I would need an LT .. But it fits like a glove. Even more comfortable after a few sessions. Now (November) still warm. Nice waterproof bag! Great

Bas Visser
Surfed 5MM

Castricum, Netherlands


Super nice wetsuit

Easy to take on and off. Good fit. Feels a lot more flexible than other wetsuits. Good online support.