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4/3 mm eco

Edegem, België


Zeer tevreden

Verrassend hoe snel het wetsuit hier in België aankwam. Heb hem afgelopen weekend voor de eerste keer uitgeprobeerd tijdens wakeboarden in Antwerpen. Hij zit zeer comfortabel. Ik ga hem nu ook dragen tijdens het kitesurfen.

4/3 mm eco

Cornwall , United Kingdom



Smooth ordering and delivery. Good fit, super stretchy - free movement. Important and valued eco-credentials. Competitive price.

For sure would recommend this wetsuit - good work SRFACE!

4/3 mm eco

Maassluis, Netherlands


High quality Eco suit

I'm loving my 4/3mm Eco so far. It is really stretchy, yet retains its shape. The material is light weight and barely absorbs water. When it comes to warmth it also performs fine. Let's see how it holds up, but based on my initial experience I would recommend it!

4/3 mm heat

Newquay, United Kingdom


Warm and good fit

The Size Finder worked great and the wetsuit fits nicely even though I was sceptic of the result initially. Delivery was quick and I like that you can reuse the bag...
In the water it's very warm, hope it'll last a while.

Mirka Hirsch
3/2 mm flex

Voorschoten , Nederland


Mooi simpel wetsuit

Prachtig wetsuit, de eerste keer passen was even oefenen ivm ritssluiting voor, maar met het lezen van de tips uiteindelijk goed gelukt. Heel tevreden met materiaal en design.

Charles de Gheldere
2/2 mm top

Boechout, België



Perfect bestelproces en snelle levering. De neopreen top zit lekker. Soepel en warm genoeg. Prima service, prima product!

Frank Baksteen
3/2 mm heat

Brielle, Netherlands


SRFACE is the place to order neoprene

Ordering and choosing the right size was super easy. Quick delivery in a handy reusable bag. The quality of the sealed seams is perfect. Getting in and out of the front zip suit is no problem. Response on the SRFACE live chat is almost instant. The suit is very flexible and has a good car key pouch.

The only thing I would change is thicker neoprene around the shoulders. That is the spot where I feel some wind chill. But in full action it is warm enough. After using my 5/4 this winter I did not hesitate to order the 3/2 and definitely no regrets.

Mark Everett
4/3 mm heat

St. Austell, United Kingdom


This is a quality suit

I was unsure about ordering at first as have been using branded suits for a while now and can honestly say that this is higher quality than the recent Xcel suit I picked up.

The first is perfect and the quality of materials fantastic.

4/3 mm eco

Den Haag, Netherlands


Quality product

I really like the feel of the Eco suit, it's soft somehow, flexible and has the tight arms and legs seams that I enjoy about SRFACE. However, the sizes available still don't cover most body types, I'm Dutch average/tall for a woman and wear a size S, but I have to buy the 8MT to fit in, which kind of lubbers at the torso since my length is in my legs. Would be nice to have a 6MT for example! Or even better, if you could choose whether you want the length in the legs or the torso (for example, woman with bigger breasts might need more wetsuit length in the torso).

Rick Jansen
4/3 mm eco

Oosterbeek , Nederland


Mooi pak!

Lekker zittend en mooi zwart pak zonder poespas.