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5/4 mm heat

London, United Kingdom


Great wetsuit, even better customer service

Fit was good, thanks to the useful Size Finder, extremely warm, and good flex. Unfortunately came across an area where the glue was coming away on the front panel, but the customer service was absolutely fantastic and it was sorted quickly. Phenomenal for the price too. Will buy again when this suit is finished.

James hurst
5/4 mm heat hooded

Huddersfield , United Kingdom


Excellent purchase!

Not a bad thing to say. Delivery was speedy and SRFACE kept me posted on what was happening the whole time. Only took a few days to arrive. Went for my first cold surf of the year and I was toasty warm! Super flexible, comfy, and no new wetsuit rashes. Dries super fast too, can’t wait to head out again!

5/4 mm heat hooded

Newquay, United Kingdom


Good cut. So warm. Perfect for all months in UK!

Wow! Exceptional stretch, fit, taped seams, inner fleece. Also ankle straps included. Worn in N. Cornwall mid-October and hood was down 90 percent of the time as it was toasty in the 15c water. This should do well anywhere in the UK except for Northeast Feb-Apr.

Expect to wear hood down a lot June - Oct. I feel the cold and so prefer the hooded suits. Chest zips generally don't have an adjustable collar like the back zips used to and the neck sealing quality might not make a good match or may stretch out over time. The flex is very good so there is very little hindrance. I'm sure a hooded 4/3 with fleece in same places would be very interesting also. A snug fit all sealed in watertight with 1mm less neo would be perfect for when not as much heat is needed.

Laurel leconte
5/4 mm heat hooded

Oudenaarde, België


Just wow

Ik dacht eerst dat de goede reviews over deze wetsuits een beetje overdreven waren om goede reclame te maken. Maar wow !!!!! Dit is by far het beste wetsuit dat ik ooit heb aangetrokken. De fit is perfect met dank aan de handige size finder en de flexibiliteit is hemels.

Lekker warm, aansluitend en toch super flexibel! ❤️❤️❤️

Noemie luyts
2/2 mm springsuit

Leuven , Belgie



Zeer tevreden. Via de size finder de perfecte fit gevonden. Heerlijk zomersuit!

Jahn Schlosser
3/2 mm flex

Köln, Germany


Great product

So, I wanted a no frills easy wetsuit... Delivery was fast, it fitted, because the guidelines on the page worked well. Then, in the water it is extremely warm for the flexibility it offers. All in all, a product I would recommend.

5/4 mm heat hooded

Bremen, Germany


Great wetsuit

Super flexible and warm. My go to wetsuit when it‘s cold, even in January and February. I prefer it to the bigger brands!

Also great customer service! Always quick response!

Surfschool Callantsoog
3/2 mm heat

Callantsoog, Nederland


Lekker warm wetsuit

De 3/2 Heat is lekker warm. Ook als het regent in de herfst. Niet koud. Vergelijkbaar met Oneill wetsuits van Hyperfreak zijn ze veel warmer.

Manon Olsen
3/2 mm flex

Lemmer, Netherlands


Beautiful black wetsuit

Thanks to the good and easy-to-use sizing finder, I immediately got the right size, but putting it on for the first time took a bit of practice. However, a perfect tip from a friend, because it is a fantastic wetsuit.

The wetsuit keeps quite warm, worn it from April to October and not bothered by the cold. In addition, the wetsuit is super flexible and I can use it for all the water sports I do (SUP, windsurfing and kiting).

2/2 mm springsuit

Hamburg, Germany


Great wetsuit, amazing value for money

I bought the hooded winter wetsuit last year and was so impressed that I bought the 4/3 Heat this year. Again, a top quality wetsuit that does everything it should for an unbeatable price for the quality. The service is also great and the communication with the SRFACE team is excellent. My suit wasn't originally supposed to arrive until September - so I was all the more surprised when the suit arrived two days after I ordered it. Great. So far I can unreservedly recommend all SRFACE wetsuits and will certainly order a thinner summer suit again if I'm out and about in warmer climates.