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Filipe Vieira
Surfed 4MM

Douglas, Portugal



Arrived quick and in a nice bag which is very useful. I'm not a big fan of front zip but that won't keep me from giving 5 stars ✨. Fits like a glove, but a bit difficult to take it off, specially when your hands are freezing, but it just takes time to adapt. Very flexible. Only thing not so good I noticed, and I'm sure they will improve on that, is in the back neck there are some stitches which caused some rash. Nothing to worry about but could be improved.

Very comfy, warm and hopefully won't need a 5mm for the winter ?.

Tony Brehier
Surfed 3MM

Biarritz, France



A friend told me he saw an article on magic seaweed. The price and the product are amazing. I'm recommending it to all my friends!

Arthur Thelu
Surfed 4MM

Paris, France


Good price / quality

Really good wetsuit, delivery just in time with a perfect bag! Nice idea. 4mm is good but not as flexibility as my old 4/3. Nice finish, the wetsuit looks good and looks durable. Just one thing: I think a medium small is important, because for me like an average Frenchy 1m78 and 72kg, the medium will be too big and I think the S is really too small (like the other brands). Many people need the M/S!

Surfed 5MM

Rozenburg, Netherlands


Very good

Neatly delivered in a sturdy bag. Suit fits perfectly, is a bit tight in the beginning. I noticed 'feeling' the glued seams at the buttocks. Suit is nice and warm, dries quickly. Only taking it off requires some getting used to as it is a bit stiff. Might become more flexible after use, I think. All in all a good suit that is more than worth its money.

Artjom Nepryahin
Surfed 5MM

Liverpool, United Kingdom


Pleasantly Surprised

Usually around now I'd be using my old 5mm wetsuit and a 0.5mm vest with a thermal lining and hood. Yesterday (9th December) I went out for a session when it was 6 degrees Celsius but forgot my extra vest/hood! Being too stubborn to turn around and drive home, decided to see how long I'd last in the water. The only thing prevented me staying out longer was the lack of sunlight! I literally did not feel a hint of cold anywhere except on my exposed head during wipeouts!

Just by feeling the material with this one and my older wetsuit, you can tell that the SRFACE wetsuit is much better!

Lucas Abbas
Surfed 4MM

Labenne, France


Really stretchy wetsuit

Good value steamer, more for less. Very comfortable at paddling. Equal quality to bigger brands at 100 bucks less.

Surfed 4MM

Lemmer, Netherlands


Cool (warm) wetsuit!

Good idea the size finder! I sit in between the S and M, but chose the S. This fits well and is warm, but taking it on and off is a bit of work... a good warm up :p. I bought a SRFACE wetsuit because I like to try new brands, this turned out to be a good choice. I went out with 4 °C, and had a 2.5 hour session. I'm curious to see how durable the wetsuit is, and if that's good I'll choose a SRFACE wetsuit again! Thanks guys!

Surfed 5MM

Landes, France


Rather satisfied with the 5mm

I was looking for a not too expensive warm winter suit and I was tempted by the model 5mm. For the moment not disappointed with a little less than a dozen sessions. The order is easily done in addition to the very practical size guide and delivery is fast. Really not cold at the end of November. The finishes are very neat.

Perhaps the only things to 'complain' about are the stiffness of the neoprene and the slightly irritating collar at first. See how neoprene evolves since this is just the beginning.

Angus Watson
Surfed 5MM

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom


Love it!

It was really easy ordering the suit, I cocked up the delivery address when I ordered it but I chatted with the guys at SRFACE online and got it sorted, really friendly. I have worn the suit a couple of times now in water temperatures of around 10 degrees C and it was toasty, I don't think there will be any problems wearing it right through the winter in the North Sea. I would have preferred a suit with a hood but I bought a hooded rashy and this works great. My only criticism is it is really difficult to fasten the zip, all other wetsuits I have with a chest zip open so the zip stays engaged however this works the other way and I find it really fiddly getting the zip end into the slider. I also struggle getting it off over my shoulders but that might just be me. For £210 I would recommend this suit to anyone, even after I bought a rash vest with a hood it was still half the price of an Xcel.

Peter Heeringa
Surfed 5MM

The Hague, Netherlands


Great: warm and flexible

This wetsuit is great and fits perfectly. The warmth it gives you during a long session is unbelievable. I got the 5mm, so pretty thick, but the suits feels flexible still. All in all, I'm happy with this super nice wetsuit!