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Trevor humphres
Surfed 5hMM

Scheveningen , The Netherlands



So good! Best wetsuit I have worn! The 5mm wetsuit feels like I’m wearing a 3mm. Feels light and very flexible and comfortable. I chose SRFACE because finally you can buy a quality wetsuit without breaking the bank.

Surfed 4MM

Heemskerk, Netherlands


Nice suit

Very good womenswetsuit for a reasonable price. The suit fits very well, arms and legs are long enough and tight, so it stays dry for a long time.

Surfed 4MM

Scheveningen, Netherlands



Very good wetsuit. Warm, perfect fit and solid quality, Price wise probably the best you can get at the moment. After consulting their team for the sizing I have to say they did a great job.

Carlos Sanchez
Surfed 4MM

Barcelona, Spain


Good warm and fit, there is still room for improvement

Order and delivery process where straightforward.
The suit suits me very nice, although on the first use it numbed my right arm, I believe the sealings where pressing on my axial nerve, which can be very dangerous, now everytime I wear the suit I carefully move the seams on my right arm to not press on it.
The chest outside part has a more goamy finish, which works great for reducing the cold when wind is hitting you, but it has a major downside, it is very slippery and made my board slip under my chest in critical moments when turning around fast, pushing the board down and getting it to float me to speed to paddle for a wave. I have tried adding wax to it, but wax wont stick, so I have to add extra wax on my board and comb it for it to be "spikey" and the board not to slip during this maneuver (it's a major turndown).

José Miguel Brito
Surfed 5hMM

Ericeira, Portugal


Right thing done right

The wetsuit is amazing, mine it´s a 5mm Hooded, I use it for surfing and teaching surf lessons in Portugal, Ericeira. This wetsuit its very flexible and smooth specially on the shoulders it feels like a 4/3, very warm and confortable, the weight even when wet is not as much as I was expecting, so that really surprised me, the chest zip slides well and its inverted but i had more suits like that and they work just fine, also a lot easier to fix if anything happens which i doubt, about durability I dunno yet but it seems very well constructed, just the right density thru the neoprene.

I'm buying more of these for sure, the price is just right, bigger brands produce similar wetsuits that cost a lot more, It got packed, shipped and delivered in a week in perfect condition with a few extras, my favourite was the packing being a bag to carry it when wet, very smart and useful.

Great job really.

Pim de Graaf
Surfed 5hMM

Sassenheim, Netherlands


Still dry!

I was pleasantly surprised with how the package arrived. Well thought out to make the bag reusable as a wetsuit bag!

After surfing the first time I am very satisfied. The fit is very good (LT for 194 cm, 85 kg) and it is still completely dry inside. As you would expect from a winter suit!

Flexibility is fine!

In short, great suit for the winter!

Surfed 5hMM

Spijkenisse, Netherlands


Perfect fit, comfy and WARM!

The sizetable works spot on. The suit has a heavy quality “look and feel”.

It’s stretchy and comfy. During a session with 4 degrees it still felt steaming hot. No complaints so far. Topsuit!

Surfed 5hMM

Den Haag, Nederland


Great suit for a nice price

The wetsuit is neatly delivered in a sturdy bag. The bag itself can also be used as a wetsuit bag.

Compared to my 6mm Matuse Tumo wetsuit, it is a lot easier to put on. The suit is nice and soft inside and so far I have been able to wear it (for 10 sessions) without rash. At first it felt a bit stiff but after a few sessions if felt good. It has everything that my high-end suits also have. I had some doubts about the zip fastener, you first have to bring it together yourself in the fastener. With other suits, the zipper is always connected and you only close it. Because the keypocket is on your leg (that's my preference), you don't have to mess around with the zipper on the beach, so it's actually a great setup.

I bought this suit for the fall. It is fine for that. I don't think it's warm enough to surf all winter, but I haven't been able to test that yet. You get a lot of wetsuit for the money. Unless the suit disintegrates in the coming months, I will definitely expand my SRFACE collection.

Surfed 5hMM

Penzance , England


Nice suit

Ordering was quick and easy, perfect fit with the size finder and as stated it was tight until after the first use..
Used around 10 - 15 times now and find it a warm suit at a competitive price.

Joshua holland
Surfed 5MM

Hampshire, England


One of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

For years since I was a teenager I have been using a 4/3 xs wetsuit. I needed a new one as the neoprene was being spread too thin because I was too big for it. I found SRFACE on instagram and fell in love with the design. The orange highlights are just awesome. I used the size finder with ease and put in my measurements. I ended up ordering a 5mm medium short wetsuit. It arrived earlier than expected in the brilliant dry bag packaging. When trying it on I was unsure about the size as it was much larger than my previous wetsuit. However, upon getting in the water i instantly new I had made the right decision. The wetsuit fits far better and is extremely warm. A great decision and a great purchase. I would definitely reccomend SRFACE wetsuits to my friends and i'm considering picking up a thinner summer suit.