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Surfed 3MM

Rotterdam, Netherlands


Good wetsuit for very cold water!

The order process was very good, I had the chance to chat with customer service before ordering the correct size!

The wetsuit really keeps you warm when the water temperatures are really low. Maybe your neck feels a bit stiff after the session because of the hood.

Surfed 5MM

Livorno, Italy



I find the wetsuit warm and elastic. I'm satisfied until now.

Surfed 3MM

Salzburg, Austria


Very good quality for low price

6/5 mm with full lining would be fine. I use 5/4 for Riversurfing. In windy conditions suit is too cold outside the water when
air temp < 5 ºC. But in general its very good quality and also fits perfect.

Surfed 5MM

Suffolk, United Kingdom


Great wetsuit and service

The process for ordering has been well designed and thought through. Very impressive. I initially ordered the large, but was just a bit tight around my chest, so returned it for the XL. No fuss, all went smoothly, and I've had a few sessions since then. The wetsuit is very well made and feels like a quality product, and does its job superbly.

Surfed 3MM

Ericeira, Portugal


Finally! A good suit for women

I have serched with all brands to see who offers good suits to women. No flashy colors, pink mermaid suit. Just a plain, warm, thick suit WITH a hoody (women wintersuits almost never come with hoodies).

I was not sure about what size to take, in the size chart I was 4 different sizes, but that's just my weird body. I went with a 8M, 5/4 hooded, because i am an 8 in my O'Neill. It was is a Perfect fit 😁. The suit is great. Warm, flexible, easy to put on and take off. I surf and bodybord and it works great for both. After most sessions the inner layer is not even wet 😂

The only negative for me is the front zip. Can be tricky the first few times, but you get used to it.

Ben Nias
Surfed 5MM

Bristol , United Kingdom


Good so far

Very quick delivery and the size guide has worked for me. Warm and comfortable so far having worn it 3 times. Final test is how long it lasts.

Ivo Diepeveen
Surfed 3MM

Wouwse Plantage, Netherlands


Superb quality

Immense high quality wetsuit, was actually looking for a 6/5 hooded but on recommendation I still bought the 5/4. No regrets. Sooo warm, even with 5 degrees air and water temperature. Great!

Luigi Salazar
Surfed 3MM

Leuven, Belgium


Great Customer Service

I don't know too much about wetsuits so I am going to focus on the part that made it a good experience so far. Since I got into the web page I got attended by a person, and I received my wetsuit two days after. Regarding, the wetsuit itself I used it on a cold day with 8 degrees temperature and i was surfing for an hour and a half without being cold, so I guess that is great.

Pieter Roodenrijs
Surfed 3MM

Nantes, France


Great value for money

I got to know SRFACE through a friend who recommended the wetsuits to me and I am completely satisfied, both because of the quality of the wetsuit but also the general experience with the team. They are very easily accessible through chat and email and respond quickly when you have questions. I had to return the first wetsuit as it turned out too small (even though it their calculator told me it would be the right size). The return and discussions with the team went very well to finally get the right size. There might still be some optimisation needed with their calculator, but overall experience is very good and the wetsuit is great value for money.

Antonio Chilese
Surfed 4MM

Vicenza, Italy


Top quality after sales service

Very easy communication and return policy. L size was little too tight and bought also an XL, return and refund was nice and easy. Unfortunately didn't try yet the 4mm due to sickness. Will wait next spring. Materials and finishing are lookin' good.