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Paul Roodenrijs
Surfed 3MM

Velsen Noord , Netherlands


201cm tall

I bought two winter wetsuits last year, they fit perfectly in the store, but they crawled up in the water and I quickly got cold! Another surfer told me about SRFACE, and I ordered the XLT 5mm hooded. The first wetsuit that I really enjoy surfing with my height, no trouble!

Highly recommended.

Surfed 5MM

Utrecht , Netherlands


Very nice and warm wetsuit

Excellent price-quality balance. I am using the 5/4 mm and tried it first in december on the North Sea. Very warm and comfortabele wetsuit.

Tom Law
Surfed 5MM

Exeter, United Kingdom


I’m pleased with the suit

It measures up to anything I've used before. I enjoyed the simple ordering process and the handy and accurate size finder. The suit is as good as any winter suit I’ve used in the past and measures up against the top brands and their premium suits.

Surfed 5MM

Hamburg, Germany



I liked the size finder because it helped a lot to order the correct size. I have to admit that I only tested it once so far because it's too cold for me in Germany. But that one time I was surprised to still have a dry inner surface after my session. Therefore thumbs up and keep going.

Adria Mayol Gelaberr
Surfed 4MM

Artá, Spain


Best price / quality on the market

The suit is great, it seems risky to try a "new" brand but it is already the second suit I bought. All the details are perfectly cared for, seams with excellent protection, flexible, hot and durable. I will definitely buy another one when I need it.

Surfed 3MM

Zoetermeer, Netherlands


Very nice wetsuit

Very warm suit in 4-5 degrees celsius water. Easy te put on and off because it's very stretchy. I like the little pocket with cord to put my car key in.

The overall fit is excellent. I'm 1,88 and 88kg and have the LT. Used it about 5 to 6 times in a month since I got it, so I can't really say anything about the durability yet. Overall great suit for the price!

Surfed 3MM

The Hague, Netherlands



Overall an excellent experience, very warm (don’t feel any cold in 4-5 degrees water) but flexible at the same time. I like the tight end of arms and legs.

Surfed 3MM

Haarlem, Netherlands


Comfy, warm and stylish ;-)

Warm wetsuit with lovely orange finishing touch. Overall, great wetsuit! Would recommend 11/10.

Bart van den Heuvel
Surfed 5MM

Breda, Netherlands


Comfortable, warm and durable

Fit is close to perfect (MT 1.85, 75 kg).

Putting my arms in the sleeves requires some flexibility, I think with this construction that's inevitable.
Wetsuit now worn 20+ times in 5C air and water and 25+ knots and didn't feel cold, while I have little natural insulation.
Good freedom of movement.

No wear can be found yet, seams and neck remain in good condition, while with other (mid-range) brands this always causes problems. Next 3/4 mm will definitely be an SRFACE!

Surfed 3MM

Den Haag, Nederland


So happy, finally a suit that fits and keeps me warm

I was in between 3 sizes but since I have quite thin arms and legs and with my expierence with other wetsuit brands I decided to go for the smallest size, 6tall. I have been surfing all winter last year and have never been warm in any wetsuit. Sweating in a wetsuit? Never had it. Bought a 6t hyperfreak 5/4 beginning of the season which seemed great in the store but in the water it kept flushing and was the coldest suit Iv'e ever had. Now I have to sell it second hand with quite some losses. The fact that you can try the srface in the water and return it if it doesnt fit is really the service that has been missing in the wetsuit industry.

Was a bit scared the 5mm wouldnt be thick enough but its great and Ive never been warmer! Been surfing 2+ hours in 6degrees water and I still felt comfortably warm when I came out. I have actually been sweaty.

So if your tall and thin and cold quick this is an awesome suit.

Only remark is on one of the first sessions it was pretty heavy and fast waves and the pad on the front made me slip off my board whilst paddeling. Have not experienced it in other sessions so it might be that it needed some time to get a bit rougher and sticky.