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Surfed 5hMM

Gruissan, France


Really not disappointed

I don't usually leave reviews but in this case it seemed the right thing to do. I needed a new wetsuit to continue surfing in winter, so I bought the 5mm hooded in 8M (170 cm and 57 kg) and it fits me perfectly! In addition, I received it within 2 days, I think it is the first time that I have received a package so quickly.

Anyway, thank you SRFACE! Can't wait to test it this weekend !!

Surfed 5hMM

Rotterdam, Netherlands


Very comfortable and warm

Unboxing was good, but the wetsuit bag was missing. They would send this afterwards, but it has already been a while. The wetsuit itself is very comfortable and warm. I surf at 7C now and it is not cold at all.

Rachel Murphy
Surfed 3MM

Cornwall, United Kingdom



Super flexible for a hooded suit! Fits really nicely and doesn't feel heavy at all. One of the best winter suits I've ever worn! Arrived quickly too. I would (and do) 100% recommend these to any female surfers!

Guido Heunen
Surfed 5MM

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Really a great wetsuit

The SRFACE wetsuit is really an amazing suit. Fits well everywhere and is comfy. Not cold for a single second in my new 5/4. I would recommend this suit to everyone. The customer service was also great, had a nice chat when the delivery took a little longer than normal due to the delays with the carrier.

Alexa Rose
Surfed 5MM

Peniche, Portugal


Solid lovable wetsuit

Ordering process was great, staff nice and helpful, shipping fast. The wetsuit keeps me quite warm, the only thing that is not perfect (and that's only me, I could have sent it back, but I just wasn't sure), is the size. I studied the size chart very carefully and choose what seems the best fit, but now I am actually surfing it for a while, I think I should have gone for another size, as it is a bit too wide and a bit too short. But as wetsuits keep adapting while surfing them, I thought in the beginning that it's gona be fine. And it is fine! But next time I'll go for a different size and it's gonna be perfect. Already recommended you guys.

Surfed 5MM

Castricum, Netherlands



Glorious wetsuit. Fits like a glove with my hourglass figure. It doesn't get warmer and better for this price. Slick design! The suit has definitely not disappointed me this winter, the Small Tall version is ideal for my posture compared to other brands which are sometimes too spacious around my waist. Almost completely dry in this wetsuit when I use the shoulder toggle.

When I go over the falls and into the laundry machine, this suit hugs me even more tightly and whispers in my ear that everything will be allright while cartwheeling on the bottom in a fetal position. And when I fly down the line I do it about 1.8x faster thanks to this suit. The other day I took it out of the bag and I could swear I heard it whisper "gnarly dude". My gloves automatically throw a shaka when they hang to dry next to the SRFACE wetsuit. All in all, my SRFACE and I have become lifelong friends! If they launch gloves and boots, I will also buy them!

Nanjie Hu
Surfed 5hMM

Berlin, Germany


4 hours – 6 degrees C!

Really nice fit and temp-thickness calculator, fast delivery and a sustainable company value I can identify with. Surfed with a hooded 5/4 mm at 6 degrees C water temp and 3 degrees C air temp for 4 hours (little onshore wind), all good! Good flexibility, fast drying. 100% recommendation.

Daniel Thompson
Surfed 5hMM

Whitley Bay, United Kingdom


Warm and flexible

Great suit, high quality materials and appears to be very well put together (can't review durability yet as only had it a few months). Used it in -1 air temps and very warm no flushing at all. Good flexibility considering thickness - on par with the 'big brands'. The thermal lining dries really quick which is a bonus when putting on in a freezing car park. The fit is good, I'm 6'0 and 78kg and bought the MT. Fit is similar to Xcel/O'Neill

Opted for this suit as everywhere was sold out of my usual choices, but I'm really pleased with it so far and there seems to be a lot of people wearing them in the NE.

Lee Shepherd
Surfed 5hMM

Barnstaple, United Kingdom


Great suit (very impressed)

I was a little skeptical about ordering a suit I couldn't feel and touch, but with stocks running low over all winter suits at my local surf shops in my size, I thought I'd give it a go... ( my 4:3, was no longer an option in mid Dec..). I wanted a replacement for mid winter so went for the 5:4 hooded version, very easy to order, always a Medium Tall, and ordered online. It arrived in good time, very pleased, all the features of top end suits minus the dollar, great fit, very warm... paddled out at a local break, river to start, (so much colder than the sea) and it was great, warm, seemed as flexible as any other for a 5:4. Only had one slight flush but that was from a heavy nailing, where I also hit the bottom too. 🤣,
So overall, I will definitely use these guys again, and save some money, you can't go wrong.. 30 day returns, one years warranty ( no brainer, £100 ish cheaper ! )

"Ahh, HELLO.......!"

Surfed 5hMM

The Hague, Netherlands



My warmest wetsuit yet! Comparable to all major brands but a lot cheaper, dries quickly and is very warm!