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Pierre-Alexandre Marceau
2/2 mm top

Pont l’abbé , France


Great bang for the buck

Easy order, fast shipping, perfect fit and great flex. I chose the 2/2 long sleeve to surf in La Torche (France) from May to October and the suit is warm enough for this period.

3/2 mm flex

Paris, France


A great wetsuit

Ordering was really easy, it came really quick and fits well! I am very happy with this wetsuit and I’m planning on buying another one.

Jeroen van Gessel
4/3 mm eco

Haarlem, Netherlands


Nice suit, but relative cool for its mm.

Ordering process is nice and smooth, delivery pretty quick and the build quality is top notch/ on parr with big brand suits. Fit is good (188x95kg and XL fits great).

I usually have 2x hooded suits, 1/2 5/4 non hooded and 2 4/3 suits as I usually spend 3-4 sessions a week on the water wavesailing/wingfoiling or SUP depending on the conditions. This is my first 'Eco' suit and although I really like the idea, the Eco is compared to my other oil-based 4/3 from an online different brand noticeable less warm.
It doesn't leak etc, but simply less insulation putting it closer to a high quality 3/2 as to a warm proper 4/3 (my 6y old Cskins Wired is still warmer!).

If you know that it's no big deal, and it has its place in my quiver, just a different spot as intended, like more for 3/2 weather. So if you are in doubt between 2 different thickness and need the warmth: pick the thicker one.

Tom Turner
3/2 mm flex

Liverpool, United Kingdom



I had been looking for a new wetsuit to replace my old one as it was long overdue. I came across SRFACE from a Google review and YouTube. The ordering system was easy enough to follow. I spoke to an online agent who responded very promptly and answered all my questions. The delivery was fast and within 2/3 days I had my new suit.

I ordered the L 3/2 Flex and it fits like a glove. I have only worn it a few times out surfing so far and I do believe it's the best suit I have ever owned (and I have had a few over the years). The movement in the top half is non-restrictive and didn't have any problems paddling at all. My lower half was kept nice and warm, I also didn't feel any restrictions in my legs. The seals are great also I didn't get flushed once. I came out the suit near enough dry.

I will be ordering another from SRFACE a 4/3 Heat (or thicker, British winter and all!!) in the next few months.

Great suits guys at a great price!!!

Gary Barnett
3/2 mm heat

Newquay , United Kingdom


Really good

Sizing and online ordering was easy, suit looked huge when it arrived in person, but fit is pretty perfect. Warm and flexible to paddle in. Looks great. Well thought out delivery and packaging. Hope it’s pretty durable too.

5/4 mm heat

Corvallis, United States


Worthwhile and exciting

It was exciting to learn that SRFACE began shipping to the USA. So impressed by the sciency part behind the surf products and want to rave positively about the customer service and how personable and accommodating this process was to find the right fitted wetsuit for cold water surf. Thank you for answering all chat questions, follow ups with email, and the free-return service to send back any wetsuits across countries. Your service is attentive and fast - thanks for shipping your high quality products to the USA and very glad to go on new adventures in a different part of the Pacific with your 5/4 suit.

Michael Bartholomäus
3/2 mm flex

Frankfurt, Germany


Super stretchy

The Flex really does what it says. It's a super stretchy wetsuit, you barely feel anything while paddling. Of course it is not suitable for colder days but in 18° water and 20°outside it really does the job. Unfortunately there is a seam beginning to open on one of the knee pads. This is after five sessions in the suit. I'll see how it develops, if it doesn't open further I'd say its a really nice wetsuit.

Anthony Posemann
5/4 mm heat hooded

Cape Town, South Africa


Bodysurfing bliss

Dealing with SRFACE is how all online interactions should be: From the assistance with placing of the order, to the trouble shooting with the delivery to South Africa, I felt that the service was of an exceptional high standard. And that's before we start talking about the suit! The suit feels like its really good quality and fits me snugly. Even though its 5/4 (hooded), it still feels comfortable and flexible. My ocean sport is bodysurfing, so being submerged in the water one tends to lose body heat quicker, so it is such a pleasure to be able to have longer sessions without having to get out due to being cold. I highly recommend SRFACE for their customer service and quality of their wetsuits.

Gijs Toxopeus
3/2 mm flex

Haarlem, Netherlands


Flexibility and quality

Just before departure for two weeks of surf in France I ordered the 3/2mm Flex suit. A day later it arrived, perfectly on time. The suit was perfect for the conditions in Les Landes in May/June. It is my second SRFACE suit and I have not yet found a point of criticism to review on.

3/2 mm flex

Drachten, Netherlands


Lovely suit

10/10 would recommend. The size finder is accurate and it fits like a glove. It was a bit of a hassle to get in for the first time compared to my 5/3 Brunotti but after 2 sessions it's super easy and seals really well. Went out on a 9 degree celsius day with the 3/2 and it was not cold at all. Plenty of jumps and crashes in the water and only a little bit of water got trough.

The suit is flexible AF and I felt no resistance in movement what so ever.

Do order the ankle straps with it when you kite surf though. They tend to easily hold splashing water and water from crashes. Easy fix with the ankle strap.

Ordering and shipment went smooth.