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Nick Elsink
Surfed 3MM

Amsterdam, Netherlands


A very durable wetsuit

I surf, kitesurf, wakeboard and SUP and use a SRFACE wetsuit for all these activities. It's pretty durable, even after intensive use it still looks great. Bit of a tight fit in the shoulders, but that's personal preference I guess.

Surfed 4MM

Scheveningen, Netherlands


Last minute order for France

I planned a last minute surf trip to France to train for a contest. I had to get a hold of a wetsuit quick and was a bit afraid it wouldn't arrive on time. Chatted with SRFACE online and they ensured me it would arrive the next day. And it did!

Christian Bakker
Surfed 3MM

Scheveningen, Netherlands


Good fit (small)

I have a hard time finding the right fit. Tried different brands and ended up buying a SRFACE small. Got some good advise from a SRFACE team member on the chat which saved my a whole bunch of research.

Adri Keet
Surfed 5MM

Amsterdam, Netherlands


A wetsuit that works

I buy wetsuits to keep me warm, it's pretty simple. And SRFACE does what it needs to do. It keeps me warm, at an affordable price. Can't complain...

Harmen Hofstra
Surfed 4MM

Durgerdam, Netherlands


Good fit

Good looking wetsuit, good fit, 5 stars.