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Dominik Fischer
3/2 mm heat

Hagen, Germany


Surf it!

I am glad I ordered this wetsuit. The delivery was quick and well packaged. Tried it on immediately and I was convinced. At the moment I am surfing in Portugal on the Atlantic coast, the 3mm is great for a water temperature of 18 degrees and is almost too warm in the sunshine. Putting it on and taking off works very differently than with my colleagues who don't have a SRFACE suit. So I would recommend this anytime.

3/2 mm heat

Scheveningen, The Netherlands



Very good 3mm suit, I'm a happy customer!

3/2 mm heat

Zwolle, Nederland


Decent wetsuit

Size MT (h 189, c 95, w 79 cm & w 78 kg) and I surfed about 20 sessions in this wetsuit.

The wetsuit was dilevered to France within a few days. I like the overall fit, soft material and that I feel no restriction in movement. During surfing I was amazed how warm it keeps me.

However, after about 15 sessions I felt water coming through the seams at two spots. It leaked at the spots between the wind panel and the outside seam. Another downside are the creases of excess material around my waist. I could have send it back that's a good thing.

5/4 mm heat

München, Germany


Love it!

The wetsuit was sent on the day the order was placed and was there 2 days later. I chose the size based on the Size Finder and the suit fits perfectly! I tried it out right away: Full freedom of movement, super comfortable to wear and it keeps you extremely warm. I'm thrilled!

I would definitely recommend SRFACE!

3/2 mm heat

The Hague, Netherlands


Yesss, love it!

Finally a nice, good and well-finished wetsuit for a reasonable price :) In addition, good service and advice on the chat.
I now own the 4/3 and 5/4 for kiting and I am very satisfied.

When in doubt, just do go for it ;)

Nicolas vanderreydt
3/2 mm heat

Mol, Belgium


Very good

Definitely recommended! Good sizing, and nice and comfy while surfing 🤙

3/2 mm heat

Leuven, Belgium


Very impressed, would recommend

Surfed with my SRFACE wetsuit for the first time today. I was very pleased, the suit fits really well and was nicely warm. The lining on the ankles and wrists prevents water running into your suit. My wetsuit was delivered really quickly and fits perfectly thanks to the size chart.

3/2 mm heat

Oostende, Belgium


Literally baffled by this suit!

What the ef??? Where has this suit been all my life?

I ordered it because of the many raving reviews I read, and of course the extremely competitive price. I thought, if it's no good I can return it anyway. The size finder told me exactly what size to get, and the suit was here in no time at all. Tried it on and thought, this feels too good to be true. Like a glove, as Ace Ventura would say, but I wanted to know how it held up in the water.

It's still a bit early for a winter suit, but this morning we decided to go on dawn patrol, as it looked epic. So a perfect moment to put the suit through its paces. And it didn't let me down. I was absolutely baffled by the flexibility in paddling, the way it held its shape and stayed snug, the comfortable fit. Felt like I was wearing nothing at all, almost :-) I always thought I'd never stray from my Ripcurl Flash Bomb ever again, but I have to say: you've won me over. Paddling is much easier in my SRFACE wetsuit, and the fit is better, no creases or annoying bits of leftover neoprene.

Of course I haven't tested it yet in cold water, but I'm sure it will shine there too. Thanks you guys, I was sceptical but now I'm hooked! Fantastic job!

3/2 mm heat

Diemen, Netherlands



Great wetsuit! Flexible, beautiful fit and most important: surfing feels great in it!

Roy van kempen
3/2 mm heat

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Great wetsuit!

Wetsuit is great! I'm using it for surfing in Netherlands and also just now during my holiday in Algarve, Portugal. Very warm and comfy. Only feedback I would have is that maybe for the next suit it would be better to have the zipper the other way around. Somethings I try to zip it and its not on the right spot so it doesnt zip. A friend of mine has the zipper the other way around so she doesnt have this problem.