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Jaap van der Woude
Surfed 3MM

Bunnik, Netherlands


Good wetsuit

I bought a 3/2 wetsuit, and the fit and comfort of the suit are good.



Surfed 4MM

The Hague, Netherlands


Very happy customer

Loving the product! Great flexibility of the material and the looks of the suit. Count in the fact that even though I'm far from a standard size, the wetsuit fits me perfectly. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to buy a new wetsuit.

Surfed 3MM

Amsterdam, Netherlands



Everything from the shopping to the shipping to the packaging was next level. You can see that this is a product made with love with lots of attention to detail.

Surfed 4MM

The Hague, Netherlands


Good fit and flexibility

I love this wetsuits' flexibility and the fact that it has no velcro. It fits perfectly, even though I am not a standard size. The size chart on the website is very accurate and the collection has a wide range in sizes. I love the seams and look & feel of the wetsuit.

Surfed 3MM

Den Haag, Netherlands


High-end suit but affordable

Wetsuit arrived neatly on the promised date. Quality caught my attention I a positive way. Once in the water you'll notice how flexible the wetsuit is. Added benefit is that it dries quickly.

Surfed 3MM

Westland, Netherlands


Nice and comfortable wetsuit

I like the suit. It's nice and comfortable and it was a nice surprise to receive a bottle of wetsuit shampoo and a wetsuit bag as well.

Surfed 3MM

Rotterdam, Nederland


Super stretchy

Super stretchy, warm suit. No restrictions in movement whatsoever.

Mees Koch
Surfed 5MM

Texel, Netherlands


Kept me warm in howling offshores

Pretty much a perfect wetsuit. Surfed it in freezing temperatures without a problem. Flexible enough for airs and some serious turns. Saved some money for my next surf trip too... :-)

Julius Pilgrim
Surfed 3MM

Amsterdam, Netherlands


My size is not available yet

I wanted to order a SRFACE wetsuit but my size was not available yet. I decided to order an S. The fit is ok, but the arms and legs are a bit too short for me. Actually probably need an MS but that size is not available yet. The wetsuits itself is good.

Boris Romann
Surfed 4MM

Hossegor, France


All you need in a wetsuit and more

I truly like this wetsuit! I bought another brand just before the winter last year for roughly the same price, but this wetsuit is WAY better. Great for those cold French morning sessions.