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4/3 mm heat

Alkmaar, Netherlands


Stretchy and good fit

Very nice wetsuit, fits well all over the body.

Jeroen van Wesemael
5/4 mm heat

Haarlem, Netherlands


Way better than my old 5/3

This wetsuit is cheaper en way better than my old wetsuit. The devil is in the details, but they do make a big difference. The cap is thicker and has a comfortable rubber piece near your mouth, there are water repelling strips at hands and feet, the zipper is better, the seams are GBS, taped AND liquid sealed. Wind shield front and back, there is more polar lining on the inside etc etc the list is long. Well done team SRFACE!!!

Reinier Heerink
5/4 mm heat

Delft, Netherlands


Just fantastic, better than all the others I had before

Very fast delivery, great service by being able to chat with the SRFACE team. Just came of a rather heavy windsurfing session in Scheveningen where I used the 5mm hooded for the first time. It is not that easy to get in or out the wetsuit, but over time that is supposed to become easier. Once I was in, it felt really warm and flexible, bit too warm for this time of the year. I bought the hooded version, however I hoped that leaving the hood of would not have disadvantages. Luckily that is the case. The suit would be even better if the rubber in the neck of the hood would be more flexible so that you feel less resistance when you turn your head. However, that is also supposed to get more flexible over time. All together, very satisfied!

Niels Hendriks
3/2 mm heat

Amsterdam, Nederland


Great fit!

I am a first time buyer of a wetsuit, it was quite easy to determaine which size I needed and overall I am happy with the product.
The front zip is so easy :-)

3/2 mm heat

Glasgow, United Kingdom



Delivery was prompt and the wetsuit bag is very handy, unfortunately my wetsuit suffered a tear within a couple of surfs (no board or fin connection at a small beach break). Also a very constricting suit, maybe as I was between sizes, opting for the smaller size was not appropriate. The team were very responsive and personable and offered a half price replacement but personally I didn’t want to run the risk on loading up and having 2 dud wetties. Cut my losses and back to ripcurl steamers for me.

Sebastien Boutard
4/3 mm heat

Breda, Netherlands


Great price quality wetsuit

Great price/quality wetsuit. Very happy with it's durability and performance. I had the first 4/3 version and curious to see what improvements have been made over time. Only thing that I would add as an improvement is the front belly/chest piece that gets too slippery when wet. Overall I am a very satisfied customer especially when comparing to other brands I had in the past.

Megan Lloyd
3/2 mm heat

The Hague, Netherlands


Does the job well!

When trying it on for the first time, the wetsuit was very tight, also at the neck, but during surfing it quickly loosened up and the times after it was perfect! Price is also super nice! I will soon buy a suit for the winter! Thanks!

3/2 mm heat

The Hague, Netherlands


Nice and comfortable

Great. Nice present.

3/2 mm heat

Brussels, Belgium


Very satisfied

Received the order quickly. I was a little scared trying it because it was quite tight, especially at the neck, but I had the opportunity to test it for 4 hours when kitesurfing and no problem. I was not cold and uncomfortable, but very comfortable. I haven't tried it in really cold water yet and haven't tried it for surfing either but so far I'm very happy.

Madelon Donders
3/2 mm heat

Utrecht, Netherlands


Super happy with my wetsuit!

The SRFACE team helped me on the live chat with choosing the right size. I received the wetsuit quickly and tried it on. At first I wasn't sure if it was too tight, but chatting to the support team again, and the fact that I could try it out, reassured me. Surfed it a couple of times now and it's great and can move freely. Definitely not returning it!