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Twan Lugten
Surfed 3MM

Rotterdam, Netherlands


The Ultimate Wetsuit? I agree.

SRFACE equals great fit, features and flex for an honest price. No bullshit. ‘The ultimate wetsuit’ is quite a promise, but the combination of quality and price blew me away. I’ll save the 5th star for a hooded 6mm.

Lars Musschoot
Surfed 4MM

Oostende, Belgium


SRFACE from now on

During my career as a professional surfer I've had the chance to try almost every wetsuit brand out there. SRFACE definitely measures up to the top brands... and actually fits me better. I like how you guys left out the bullshit and focussed on what you need in a wetsuit. Warmth, flex and durability.

Walid Bergui
Surfed 4MM

Taghazout, Morocco


Cold water in Morocco

I met the SRFACE team in Morocco and got the chance to try one of their wetsuits. I was pretty amazed. We had some really fun sessions together and I decided to buy a wetsuit immediately... Been wearing it ever since and it still keeps me warm in cold Moroccon waters.

Tieme Rietveld
Surfed 3MM

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Velcro straps for the win!

Finally a wetsuit brand that does not only listen to surfers but to kite surfers as well. The velcro straps that came with the wetsuit (which is amazing) really saved my session. No more water in my legs...

Jan Bijl
Surfed 5MM

Scheveningen, Netherlands


Surf photography is hard work

As a surf photographer insulation and warmth are really important to me. I'll be in the water for hours on end, even in freezing conditions in the Netherlands. SRFACE has almost no water entering the wetsuit at all, which is great. The plush lining on the inside keeps my core warm. Normally warm wetsuits like these are really difficult to get into. No problem here... The neoprene is super flexible. Stoked.

Marcel Kraan
Surfed 4MM

Maasvlakte, Netherlands


Easy to choose

I love how SRFACE keeps things simple. It's one wetsuit that has everything you need. No fancy marketing jargon and features that sound cool but do nothing. I like my wetsuits how I like my coffee. Black. Wouldn't mind a 5mm with a hood tho... and why no wetsuits for women?

Allard Pheifer
Surfed 5MM

Maasvlakte, Netherlands


Surfed Maasvlakte with -9 degrees

It takes a good wetsuit to surf with howling offshore winds and temperatures as low as -9 degrees Celsius. SRFACE delivered, and I got to surf some Dutch brown barrels.

Joris Engel
Surfed 4MM

Amsterdam, Netherlands


The less I pay the more I surf

Me and wetsuits have never been a great match in my surfing history. They mostly don’t fit and they tear up and fall apart. Even when you pay top dollar for it. So I tried the cheaper ones, and the most expensive because they tell you they are 'The Bomb'. But I never experienced a wetsuit like SRFACE before. The fit is spot on, the quality is high and price is low. No more searching: this brand is here to stay with me and all my surf sessions yet to come!

Niels Jalving
Surfed 3MM

Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands


Easy exchange

I ordered a SRFACE wetsuit but it was a bit too large for my liking. Got in touch with the customer support and exchanged it for a smaller size. I was afraid it would be too tight, but it turned out perfect. The neoprene is really flexible so an MT wasn't a problem for me.

Renzo Steffens
Surfed 4MM

Texel, Netherlands


Texel represent!

Basically all (six ;-) surfers in Texel wear a SRFACE wetsuit. And for a good reason; they're affordable, they last and they keep me warm.