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3/2 mm heat

Oostende, Belgium


Literally baffled by this suit!

What the ef??? Where has this suit been all my life?

I ordered it because of the many raving reviews I read, and of course the extremely competitive price. I thought, if it's no good I can return it anyway. The size finder told me exactly what size to get, and the suit was here in no time at all. Tried it on and thought, this feels too good to be true. Like a glove, as Ace Ventura would say, but I wanted to know how it held up in the water.

It's still a bit early for a winter suit, but this morning we decided to go on dawn patrol, as it looked epic. So a perfect moment to put the suit through its paces. And it didn't let me down. I was absolutely baffled by the flexibility in paddling, the way it held its shape and stayed snug, the comfortable fit. Felt like I was wearing nothing at all, almost :-) I always thought I'd never stray from my Ripcurl Flash Bomb ever again, but I have to say: you've won me over. Paddling is much easier in my SRFACE wetsuit, and the fit is better, no creases or annoying bits of leftover neoprene.

Of course I haven't tested it yet in cold water, but I'm sure it will shine there too. Thanks you guys, I was sceptical but now I'm hooked! Fantastic job!

3/2 mm heat

Diemen, Netherlands



Great wetsuit! Flexible, beautiful fit and most important: surfing feels great in it!

Roy van kempen
3/2 mm heat

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Great wetsuit!

Wetsuit is great! I'm using it for surfing in Netherlands and also just now during my holiday in Algarve, Portugal. Very warm and comfy. Only feedback I would have is that maybe for the next suit it would be better to have the zipper the other way around. Somethings I try to zip it and its not on the right spot so it doesnt zip. A friend of mine has the zipper the other way around so she doesnt have this problem.

3/2 mm heat

Lüneburg , Germany


Great wetsuit!!!

Great wetsuit, easy delivery and fantastic fit. Unbeatable in combination with the wetsuit bag!

Emil Driesenaar
3/2 mm heat

Scheveningen, Netherlands



My SRFACE is very comfortable - the 3mm LT fits great and is super flexible - it has all the high end features that I could wish for. Thanks for the good work SRFACE!

Max Castillo
3/2 mm heat

Rennes , France


Good product not perfect though

The ordering process is very easy, found my size quickly. The wetsuit came with a reusable bag, which was in bad conditions due to the transport, so I couldn’t use it. The overall fit is good, maybe a tighter fit of the sleeves would be even better.

About the overall quality: I am a bit disappointed to be honest. Most of the seams are sealed and inside taped except those around the front/back panel which is not good. Especially around my armpits. In these zones there’re three seams meeting at one point and it’s only glued and taped inside. Causing already a leakage after only 5 sessions. I have a tiny hole.... I really take care of my wetty, rinse with tap water after each session and dry in a room. Nevertheless, it is a good product overall. With some improvements on the seams (all glued, taped inside and sealed outside) it would have been the perfect wetty !

Benjamin Matlachowski
3/2 mm heat

Oldenburg, Germany


Pretty good

all in all i am very satisfied. I used to buy only Xcel wetsuits but the SRFACE suit comes very close to its quality. The size finder worked very well and the delivery was very quick.

Only thing to improve: the Zipper is a bit annoying as you have to fiddle it in every time. If it would be on the other side, you'd just have to zip it.

Bram de Jeu
3/2 mm heat

The Hague, Netherlands


Flexible and warm wetsuit that is easy to put on and take off

This is the first wetsuit that I can easily put on and take off, is very comfortable and is also nice and warm despite the 3/2 thickness. I will definitely also buy the winter suit!

Becky Harrison
4/3 mm heat

London, United Kingdom


Best fit

I always struggle to find wetsuits as brands never normally offer different lengths for women. I was delighted to see you could enter all your measurement in the SRFACE Size Finder and it would give you the perfect fit. It arrived super fast, loved the fact that the delivery bag turns into a wetsuit bag and it fitted like a dream! Have already tested out in Cornwall a few times and was toasty warm!

Arnaud Korenke
3/2 mm heat

Berlin, Germany


All you want in a suit, no BS

Customer service: As good as it gets in a digital form. Very responsive support, listens and understands and actually helps.

Product: In nearly 20 years of surfing I've had suits from all big brands. Some were good, some were too stretchy and would wear out quickly, some had seams come apart too easily or glue/tapes come off... You realize (and learn) with the years, that all brands produce more or less in the same places in Asia, low cost, mass production and most of the talk is just marketing mumbo jumbo. In the end most of what customers pay for is not quality, it's branding!

The SRFACE suits offer all features of big brand premium suits without the price tag. Manufacturing quality is top notch, design and cut feels really nice to wear and of course: They are warm!