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Surfed 4MM

Cape Town, South Africa



Ordering went really smooth - liked the sizing chart on the website and the personal chat support to find out the best fit for me (was a bit between sizes). Wetsuit fits really well and doesn't catch any water at all unless I'm washed by a really big wave.

Thanks, love it!

Simcha Lekkerkerker
Surfed 3MM

Monster, The Netherlands


Great wetsuit and service

I have had the wetsuit in my possession for 1.5 months now and I think this is really a great wetsuit. Super flexible and warm, maybe a little too warm for the middle of summer even. Size is perfect, in short: Highly recommended.

Also great to use the shipping bag as a wetsuit bag. Together with an eco-friendly shampoo for your wetsuit, they deliver on their promise.

My next wintersuit will be a SRFACE 5/3!

In addition, I hope that they will soon launch boots and gloves.

Surfed 4MM

Haarlem, Netherlands


Top suit!

Easy purchase process and definitely a comfortable wetsuit.

Davy van galen
Surfed 3MM

Warsaw, Poland


Super suit, comfy and nicely made

I am very happy with the suit. First it was hard to squeeze myself in, but after 2 times of usage its much more easy. Its really nicely made, all is sealed and nicely made. Fits very good and have no problems moving myself, paddle for wave or handling a sail..
I am very happy with the suit !!

Ard Rietveld
Surfed 3MM

Gorinchem, The Netherlands


Super wetsuit

Flexible wetsuits, fits perfectly.

Magic Ed
Surfed 3MM

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Very good summer wetsuit

After buying a 4/3 (XL), now bought a 3/2 full summer wetsuit in size LT. These wetsuits are not the absolute best in the market (those are extremely expensive), but are comparable with everything that is just below this level (and still very expensive). But much cheaper. And easier to get. And easier to return, even after using!

The quality of both materials and work is outstanding.

For me (1.9m, 95 kg), the XL is the perfect fit, the LT has a bit longer legs and sleeves, but can I also wear it (as it is a summer wetsuit).

Nothing else for me anymore!

Surfed 4MM

Isle of Harris , United Kingdom


Warmer than expected

I ordered the 4mm for summer in the Hebrides. I can safely say that I am boarding on being too warm! Have used the suit for snorkeling up here too and have been nice and warm. The suit seems to be really well made, I just hope that it lasts well.

Fit is perfect for me.

Seriously thinking about purchasing the hooded 5mm suit for winter when it comes out.

A good wetsuit in a competitive market.

Surfed 3MM

The Hague, Netherlands


Nice and very comfortable

Fits easily, altough the first few times a bit tight to get into. Also some rash in the knees and armpits, but that disappeared after a few sessions. A bit slippery on the chest, but only the first 2 sessions. Overall a fine suit, quick delivery and good chat contact.

Michiel Bertou
Surfed 4MM

Brielle, The Netherlands


Feels comfy, paddles well

Comes in a bag that I do not reuse (suit will start to smell if you pack it airtight). Always use an Ikea bag (will last for years). Very good wetsuit that offers value for money ?

Hunault, Cyril
Surfed 4MM

Nantes, France


Excellent product and customer service

I am very satisfied with the wetsuits I just bought. The SRFACE team is really attentive to the technical questions and the adjustment of the sizes. As for the product it is very very high quality. I will buy other wetsuits from SRFACE and I recommend SRFACE wetsuits!

Thank you so much.