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4/3 mm heat

Lemmer, Netherlands


Cool (warm) wetsuit!

Good idea the size finder! I sit in between the S and M, but chose the S. This fits well and is warm, but taking it on and off is a bit of work... a good warm up :p. I bought a SRFACE wetsuit because I like to try new brands, this turned out to be a good choice. I went out with 4 °C, and had a 2.5 hour session. I'm curious to see how durable the wetsuit is, and if that's good I'll choose a SRFACE wetsuit again! Thanks guys!

5/4 mm heat

Landes, France


Rather satisfied with the 5mm

I was looking for a not too expensive warm winter suit and I was tempted by the model 5mm. For the moment not disappointed with a little less than a dozen sessions. The order is easily done in addition to the very practical size guide and delivery is fast. Really not cold at the end of November. The finishes are very neat.

Perhaps the only things to 'complain' about are the stiffness of the neoprene and the slightly irritating collar at first. See how neoprene evolves since this is just the beginning.

Angus Watson
5/4 mm heat

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom


Love it!

It was really easy ordering the suit, I cocked up the delivery address when I ordered it but I chatted with the guys at SRFACE online and got it sorted, really friendly. I have worn the suit a couple of times now in water temperatures of around 10 degrees C and it was toasty, I don't think there will be any problems wearing it right through the winter in the North Sea. I would have preferred a suit with a hood but I bought a hooded rashy and this works great. My only criticism is it is really difficult to fasten the zip, all other wetsuits I have with a chest zip open so the zip stays engaged however this works the other way and I find it really fiddly getting the zip end into the slider. I also struggle getting it off over my shoulders but that might just be me. For £210 I would recommend this suit to anyone, even after I bought a rash vest with a hood it was still half the price of an Xcel.

Peter Heeringa
5/4 mm heat

The Hague, Netherlands


Great: warm and flexible

This wetsuit is great and fits perfectly. The warmth it gives you during a long session is unbelievable. I got the 5mm, so pretty thick, but the suits feels flexible still. All in all, I'm happy with this super nice wetsuit!

4/3 mm heat

Gumfreston, United Kingdom


Top notch wetsuit and great service

I saw an article about SRFACE, liked the idea and the price and really appreciated the lack of typical wetsuit company bullshit (nano-thermo quantum flex etc). I decided to get a 4/3mm to wear around here (Wales, UK) until it gets really cold. Was going to order an M but a quick chat online with a SRFACE human convinced me to order a MT. Suit arrived quickly with good tracking and seemed to be really well made. It fit perfectly - thanks SRFACE person! I tested it first in Ireland in perfect waves (and cold water) and since then back here in Wales in imperfect waves (slightly warmer water). I found the flex to be excellent - up there with top-end mainstream suits. Warmness wise I'd say almost up there with the very best. I anticipate wearing the 4/3mm until after Christmas here in Wales when I'll break out the chunky rubber til April.

In conclusion I'd say my 4/3 was an absolute bargain and if I hadn't already got myself a Patagonia wintersuit (not that flexible, takes ages to get into and I fear I may get stuck in it this January) I'd be ordering a 5/3 too.

Paul Sharp
3/2 mm heat

Derby, United Kingdom


Great wetsuit

Ordering and delivery perfect. The fit of the suit was good but a little too small over the shoulders for me. The build quality is excellent and has some very nice features. I wore the wetsuit in France during October and towards the last weeks in the larger surf found the 3mm to be a little cold, especially after a couple of hours. I would definitely recommend SRFACE to my friends and will be ordering a 4mm for my winter trip to Morocco.

4/3 mm heat

Den Haag, Netherlands


What you see is what you get

They say: "all the things you need in a wetsuit". So far, I agree! Been using it daily for almost 2 months. The wetsuit has sealed and taped seams, a front zip, inside plush panels for warmth and even these little patches inside the wrist and ankle parts to lock it tight. Everything I wanted. Keep up the good work!

5/4 mm heat

Saint-Barthelemy, France



The size guide is handy and, for me, really reliable. The delivery time is more than reasonable. The wetsuit is aesthetically sober (what I was looking for), good quality. Neoprene is very flexible and seems quite resistant (to test in the long term), seams: nothing to report. Wetsuit is really warm, perfect for the waters Bretonnes in winter I hope that in the long term it will be able to assert its super value for money!

Anthony Gay
4/3 mm heat

Bordeaux , France


Perfect on al levels

Quick delivery. Triggered by the video and the site after discovered by chance on Surfreport. The size is perfect and the quality of materials is great. This is the first time I buy a wetsuit without trying it... well... no regrets and the price is very reasonable. Bravo!

Niels Waalewijn
5/4 mm heat

Leidschendam-Voorburg, Netherlands


Great product

Fits perfectly and no major restrictions in movement even with the 5mm suit. Used this in November in the Netherlands and wasn't cold for a moment.