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4/3 mm heat

Groningen, Netherlands



Insane good price / quality ratio! This quality from another brand sets you back €200 more, really very nice! Very good return policy too. Ordered 3 sizes and returned the 2 others free of charge. The suit also comes with a waterproof bag and after the first sessions I can only say that I recommend it to everyone!

Mauro Verspaget
4/3 mm heat

Delft, Netherlands


It’s quite nice

The order process was quite straightforward which I can really appreciate. Nowadays many sites overcomplicate everything but I had no problems finding the right suit for me. The size finder worked quite well and I got the fit right instantly, I did feel like for me there was a bit much fabric around my belly but the rest fit really well so I like it. It's very nice in quality overall and it's worked really well for both surfing and wakeboarding.

4/3 mm heat

Amsterdam, Netherlands



What a joyful brand. Got very good and above all friendly advice on ordering a wetsuit. Price/quality wise this suit tops alle the major brands they use in kiteboard. It just has the whole shabang from tapered seams to liquid seals on the outside and very stretchy like a top notch suit should have. If you want to name a downside is the lack of colour. At least maybe, for safety reasons, a coloured patch would be welcome. Also off course a matter of taste if just black is a downside ;)

Tom Discart
4/3 mm heat

De Haan, Belgium


Excellent service

Great digital experience with a human touch. Excellent service. Wetsuit was delivered within 3 days. Online shopping experience as it should be.

3/2 mm heat

Scheveningen, Nederland


Awesome wetsuit

I like the flexibility of the wetsuit and the fact that it is velcro free. Even after 2 years of intensive use the wetsuit is still nice, snug and flexible. For me it's also important that SRFACE is to be as sustainable as possible.

5/4 mm heat

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Totally in LOVE

I ordered my SRFACE wetsuit using the size finder & also contacted SRFACE after delivery if my size was correct. I think the size finder was a very good tool! The chat was very friendly and helpful, and quick to response!

About my wetsuit, I really love it! It keeps me warm in cold water and keeps me warm in heavy wind too. I thought with a chest opening it would be super difficult to get on, but even that is not too hard.

Would totally recommend anyone a SRFACE wetsuit!

3/2 mm heat

Munich , Germany


Soooo gooood

The suit feels so good perfect stretch perfect fit, looks great and dries quick. So nice, love it!!!!

3/2 mm heat

Bois guillaume, France


Good and flexible all season wetsuit

Good purchase, even though there was a short delay in delivery due to a problem with entering the delivery address. It would be better if we could choose to have it delivered directly to an access point. The wetsuit would be perfect if the tightness at the neck was better.

Good tightness at the ankles. No need for straps. Water doesn't even enter with kite speed runs! Very good value for money. I plan to invest in the hooded 5/4 for the winter.

3/2 mm heat

Porthcawl, United Kingdom


Love it. Glad I purchased.

Ordered this after much debate and research online. Opted for the 5/4 hooded and at first was a little sceptical about a hooded suit after previously wearing a hood/ vest combo. Decided to give it a shot and glad I did. It’s comfortable rolled down or up. I wore it in the wave, Bristol when the water was 5 degrees C and I didn’t feel the water at all.

The guys helped me with the ordering process. I’m usually a MT but the size finder suggested a large, and large fits perfectly. The bag also doubles as a wetsuit bag which is very handy! I’m now in the market for a 3/2 so will probably be ordering one from these guys soon. If you’re sceptical - don’t be. These are great.

3/2 mm heat

Newquay, England


Perfect fit

Really recommend this for short curvy ladies out there! The website is clear and helps you choose the correct wetsuit. My measurements vary between size 4, 6 and 8 and in the end I ordered a 6S and it fits perfectly! Went in for a surf this morning, it kept me warm and it's really flexible.

Excellent value for money. Also, great to have a wetsuit that fits and doesn't have crazy prints all over! Very happy with this.