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3/2 mm heat

Amsterdam, Netherlands



Everything from the shopping to the shipping to the packaging was next level. You can see that this is a product made with love with lots of attention to detail.

4/3 mm heat

The Hague, Netherlands


Good fit and flexibility

I love this wetsuits' flexibility and the fact that it has no velcro. It fits perfectly, even though I am not a standard size. The size chart on the website is very accurate and the collection has a wide range in sizes. I love the seams and look & feel of the wetsuit.

3/2 mm heat

Den Haag, Netherlands


High-end suit but affordable

Wetsuit arrived neatly on the promised date. Quality caught my attention I a positive way. Once in the water you'll notice how flexible the wetsuit is. Added benefit is that it dries quickly.

3/2 mm heat

Westland, Netherlands


Nice and comfortable wetsuit

I like the suit. It's nice and comfortable and it was a nice surprise to receive a bottle of wetsuit shampoo and a wetsuit bag as well.

3/2 mm heat

Rotterdam, Nederland


Super stretchy

Super stretchy, warm suit. No restrictions in movement whatsoever.

Mees Koch
5/4 mm heat

Texel, Netherlands


Kept me warm in howling offshores

Pretty much a perfect wetsuit. Surfed it in freezing temperatures without a problem. Flexible enough for airs and some serious turns. Saved some money for my next surf trip too... :-)

Julius Pilgrim
3/2 mm heat

Amsterdam, Netherlands


My size is not available yet

I wanted to order a SRFACE wetsuit but my size was not available yet. I decided to order an S. The fit is ok, but the arms and legs are a bit too short for me. Actually probably need an MS but that size is not available yet. The wetsuits itself is good.

Boris Romann
4/3 mm heat

Hossegor, France


All you need in a wetsuit and more

I truly like this wetsuit! I bought another brand just before the winter last year for roughly the same price, but this wetsuit is WAY better. Great for those cold French morning sessions.

Twan Lugten
3/2 mm heat

Rotterdam, Netherlands


The Ultimate Wetsuit? I agree.

SRFACE equals great fit, features and flex for an honest price. No bullshit. ‘The ultimate wetsuit’ is quite a promise, but the combination of quality and price blew me away. I’ll save the 5th star for a hooded 6mm.

Lars Musschoot
4/3 mm heat

Oostende, Belgium


SRFACE from now on

During my career as a professional surfer I've had the chance to try almost every wetsuit brand out there. SRFACE definitely measures up to the top brands... and actually fits me better. I like how you guys left out the bullshit and focussed on what you need in a wetsuit. Warmth, flex and durability.