SRFACE Diaries

Bazile Pinel

Written by Augustus

SRFACE Diaries gives you a peek into the lives of our ambassadors. In every diary entry we post an interview with one of our ambassadors. Because we all surf but have so much more that makes us interesting human beings. This week: Surfer and shaper Bazile Pinel from Normandy, France. Pictures by Jan Bijl, Pierre Leboucher and Bazile.

How did you start surfing?

I was more interested in skateboarding when I was young actually. But my father was a surfer so that got me into it. I started surfing when I was around 12 years old and started competing at 14. By then I was totally hooked!

Why do you surf?

Surfing has always been about research for me, at different levels: Discovering new spots, building my forecast knowledge, experimenting with new shapes and pushing my surfing. I love the combination of these aspects. To me, surfing is way more than just sitting and gliding on a surfboard in the ocean.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

I wake up around 7:30, exercise and go to my workshop just across the street. There I make some coffee and check the forecast and plan my work schedule around the surf of day! Back at home, I take care of the garden and cook the fresh yield.

Tell us about your favorite sessions…

I don’t really like to surf crowded lineups, so I will not reveal too much here ?. That’s also the reason I don’t have photos of most of my favorite sessions. We had a really good winter at home and Pierre Leboucher and Jan Bijl got some good shots.

What is your favorite surf destination? 

I spend a lot of time wandering in India. I love the fact that waves are still unknown there so you have to find everything by yourself. Moreover it is an amazing country for so many other reasons!

What is your favorite board? 

I’ve been experimenting with asymmetrical surfboards for a couple of years now and I’m in love with my last one. It’s a 5’10 with asym flex-tail and fin setup. It gets more speed but still has the control of a regular shortboard.

How do you stay fit? 

I always start my day with ‘5 Tibetans’ postures. It wakes my up, and stretches and strengthens my body. Check out the IGTV channel of @ekambybharati for detailed practice. Also eating homegrown and local organic products helps me to be healthy!

Who is your favorite surfer? 

I have so many favorites! But Ryan Burch‘s style and creativity both on the wave and in the dust stand out for me.

Anywhere you want to point our reader to?

I’m a shaper, so yes: @zeuglodon_surfboards.

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