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Erik and Yvonne

Written by SRFACE

SRFACE Diaries gives you a peek into the lives of our ambassadors. Because we all surf but have so much more that makes us interesting human beings. This week in SRFACE Diaries: Surfing couple Erik Ringelberg & Yvonne Hoffman from Scheveningen, The Netherlands.

How did you start surfing together? 

We met in the water 4 years ago in France during a soft-top session. Erik snaked Yvonne and it was love at first drop-in.

Why do you surf?

What we like most is that we’re able to spend time together in the water doing what we love. However, we prefer an a-frame so we don’t have to hassle each other. We love the fact that surfing lets you shut your head off and forget about everything that’s going on in the world.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

Work, surf, kook and play a few rounds of chess.

Who or what inspires you?

We are inspired by people who are creative in making money and do what they love. That’s really what life is about for us.

What do you do to relax?

We like to go squashing, it’s a good workout and pretty funny because we both suck at it. Also chilling and playing with our little cat Mehmet.

If you’re not surfing, you are…

Probably working, or planning our next (surf) trip.

Name one thing the world could use more of right now

More awareness around nature in general.

Do you have a tip for people who want to build a life around freedom (and surfing)?

No, get a job you damn hippies. Haha, just kidding. Get creative, try to earn some money by doing what you love and / or pursuing your talents. If that’s not possible, try to do what you love as much as possible so you’ll get better at it.

What’s the worst job you did so you could surf?

We both worked our asses off as a surf teacher in the high season in France. But we loved it.

What is your favourite surf destination and why?

Some island in Indonesia (classified), beautiful nature, good waves, no crowds.

What is your favourite board?

We love Yvonne’s Al Merrick rocket wide, fun board and perfect for small Dutch waves.

Favourite surf movie?

Point break. I don’t need to explain why, right? You get it, it’s sick.

What accounts should we follow on Instagram?

@dutchsurfacademy, it’s Erik’s surfschool.

 @robinlanei_art because Yvonne loves it.

And of course @kookoftheday and @kookslams for your daily laughs.

Name one thing you would give up surfing for


Would you rather have unlimited paddle power & speed or night vision so you surf at night?

Night vision all the way. Imagine all those empty waves…

Anything you want to share with our readers?

Nope, we’re all good. Join us for a surf?

Surfers: @erikringelberg & @yvonne._.hoffmann

Behind the lens: @janbijl

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