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Luke Goodlife

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Hey! Tell us about yourself

Hi! My name is Lucas Hammerer also known as Luke Goodlife, currently living in Graz, Austria. I surf in rivers, the sea, on snow and hold a PhD degree in Chemistry. I am a photographer – mostly outdoor, surf boat trips, expeditions, events and portraits – and am always searching for new experiences. Recently I’ve been doing a lot of apnea and ice bathing, but when I need to spend a long time in ice cold water, I trust SRFACE wetsuits 😉

How did you start surfing?

At the age of 18 I moved to Graz, Austria for studying. The flat I moved in was full with surfing posters. I grew up close to a lake and was always fascinated by water. Watching the unique structures that the waves formed on the posters got me hooked immediately. Additionally, there was a river wave in the middle of the city, which was only working on high water levels (approx. 3-4 weeks a year). Due to the construction of a water power plant the wave is gone now, but the surf community in Graz is fighting for a replacement.

Why do you surf?

It fills me with pure pleasure and is an escape from all the trouble out there. I simply love water. Surfing helps me to escape the stress and rush of the normal world, in the water I live just in the moment and enjoy every second of it.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

Wake up, do some breathwork and stretching, take a cold dip in the water and start working. Sometimes I have photo shoots or I do computer work. In the afternoon I am mostly on my board for some river surfing – if there is a wave around.

Who or what inspires you and why?

I am inspired by many people. One whom has inspired me since I was a little kid is Arnold Schwarzenegger. His humor and determination is exceptional. He dedicates himself to doing things without compromises and has always believed in himself, no matter what other people told him. When I’m told that I talk English like a typical Austrian or German, I do not care when I think of him and what he has been able to achieve (even in Hollywood).

What do you do to relax?

Yoga & meditation.

Do you have a tip for people who want to build a life around freedom and surfing?

Try it and keep on it. You will always find a way to do so. Maybe in the end you’ll earn your income with something you would have never imagined.

What is your favourite surfboard?

Too many. I had and still have many favorite boards, depending on the waves I ride – river or sea, and different wave power levels.

What is your favourite surf destination?

Easy: Indonesia. It offers a vast variety of cultures and lots of exploring potential. You can find waves for any level, every day. The food is good, the people a friendly. Affordable cost of living and the country has a lot to offer and the language is pretty easy to learn.

What is your favourite surf movie?

Life as a movie. You see professional snowboarders, surfers and skaters doing all 3 sports. It is big fun to see Tony Hawk surfing, Kelly Slater snowboarding and so on. Interestingly they have skills on all different kind of boards.

If you’re not surfing you are…

Photographing, Ice bathing, snowboarding and hiking.

Name one thing the world could use more of now

Peace & love!

Would you rather have unlimited paddle power and speed, or night vision so you could surf at night?

Night vision. Imagine all the high-quality waves you could surf on your own. Paddle power and speed you can train 😉

Anything you’d like to share with our readers?

Enjoy life, don’t take it too seriously and live your dreams.

Much love and peace,


Behind the lens: Markus Hofstätter, Florian Lierzer & Luke Goodlife

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