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Introducing SRFACE Wetsuit Wash

Written by SRFACE

As surfers, we know the importance of a reliable wetsuit. It’s your second skin in the water, keeping you warm and comfortable. To ensure your wetsuit remains in peak condition, you need more than just rinsing it off after a session. That’s where SRFACE Wetsuit Wash steps in.

A sustainable solution for cleaning neoprene

SRFACE Wetsuit Wash isn’t just another cleaning product. It’s a bio-renewable concentrate cleaner specially crafted for neoprene products. What sets it apart? It’s designed with a focus on sustainability, utilizing renewable resources for a cleaner, greener solution.

Reducing pollution and toxicity

One of the most important aspects of SRFACE Wetsuit Wash is its dedication to reducing pollution. It doesn’t stop there; it also lowers both human and aquatic toxicity. Plus, it’s 100% biodegradable, ensuring your commitment to preserving the environment doesn’t stop when you clean your neoprene products.

Extend your neoprene product’s lifespan

By incorporating SRFACE Wetsuit Wash into your regular maintenance routine, you can significantly extend the lifespan of your wetsuits and neoprene accessories. This means more sessions, more waves, and more surf trips.

A collaboration with Ecoworks Marine Ltd.

SRFACE Wetsuit Wash is the result of a partnership with Ecoworks Marine Ltd., a respected name in the field of environmentally responsible marine products. This collaboration combines expertise in water sports and eco-friendly solutions, ensuring that you’re using a product you can trust.

Easy-to-follow usage instructions

How to make the most of SRFACE Wetsuit Wash? It’s as easy as apple pie! Just mix 50ml of Wetsuit Wash with 10 liters of lukewarm water. Let your wetsuit or neoprene gear soak for 20 minutes, and then rinse with fresh water. If needed, repeat the process. For more detailed instructions, visit our Knowledge Base on Washing a Wetsuit.

Transparency in ingredients

SRFACE believes in transparency. SRFACE Wetsuit Wash contains less than 5% non-ionic surfactant, potassium sorbate, and perfume. This means you know exactly what you use.

Affordable at just €15

Investing in top-quality care for your neoprene gear doesn’t have to break the bank. SRFACE Wetsuit Wash is available for just €15 for 250ml.

SRFACE Wetsuit Wash is your ticket to a cleaner, greener, and more enjoyable surf experience. By choosing SRFACE, you’re not only taking care of your gear but also contributing to the health of our oceans and aquatic ecosystems. Explore and order SRFACE Wetsuit Wash now. Your wetsuit will thank you!

The ultimate wetsuit for every surfer

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