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Introducing the SRFACE Remix wetsuit

Written by SRFACE

We’ve listened to your feedback and requests, and decided to develop a warm Yamamoto neoprene wetsuit with the highest possible freedom of motion… Introducing the Remix.

After researching and testing dozens of materials we decided on designing a Yamamoto neoprene wetsuit. Yamamoto limestone neoprene is produced by the Yamamoto company which was established in 1964 and has been producing state-of-the-art neoprene ever since. By using Yamamoto 40 neoprene – the highest quality neoprene available – the Remix provides uncompromising heat and flex, making your surf session a whole lot more enjoyable.

Why we chose Yamamoto 40 neoprene

Yamamoto 40 neoprene is a new, extremely flexible and light type of high-end limestone neoprene developed by the Japanese Yamamoto corporation. Yamamoto offers different grades of limestone neoprene closed cell foam. The higher the number, the more flexible it is. Yamamoto 40 is used exclusively in the crème de la crème of high-end surfing wetsuits. Yamamoto 40 neoprene exceeds other materials on the market in terms of warmth, lightness and durability. Some wetsuit brands use Yamamoto 40 neoprene only in those panels that require more stretch, such as the armpits, shoulders and arms. Wetsuits that make use of Yamamoto 40 in all the panels are considered the most high-end premium surfing wetsuits. Other Yamamoto limestone neoprene wetsuits that are made of 38 Yamamoto rubber are considered basic entry level wetsuits. Yamamoto neoprene wetsuits made of 39 Yamamoto rubber can however classify either as mid or high-end, depending on their features and manufacturing method. 

SRFACE Remix wetsuit features

We set out to design the best all-round wetsuit possible without compromising on warmth or flexibility. Our goal was to create a wetsuit that would sit right in between our Heat and Flex models. More flexible than our Heat and warmer than our Flex. Yamamoto 40 neoprene allows us to do just that: It’s warmer than regular limestone neoprene and because the Remix doesn’t come with sealed outside seams, it’s more flexible than our Heat. The Remix comes in 4/3mm, 5/4mm and a 5/4mm hooded version. The Remix 3/2mm will be available in 2023.

Taped seams

The Remix comes with 100% taped inside seams, making all seams waterproof while at the same time adding durability and strength. Unlike the Heat, the Remix doesn’t come with sealed outside seams. By taking away a tiny amount of material that enforces leak prevention, we’re adding huge amounts of flexibility. 

Fully double lined

The Remix is fully double lined. That means the whole wetsuit consists of Yamamoto 40 neoprene lined with ultra flexible lining. Unlike the Heat, the Remix doesn’t come with smoothskin (mesh) chest and back panels, allowing for more flexibility, seam strength and comfort.

Other noteworthy features

The SRFACE Remix is packed with high-end features. For starters, it comes with a quick dry inside plush lining to keep you extra warm during cold sessions. This high quality material feels soft on the skin and dries quickly after a session. The Yamamoto 40 neoprene is (double) lined with ultra flexible jersey, giving you uncompromising flexibility. To keep water where it belongs – in the ocean – the ankles and wrists are sealed with sticky prints to prevent water from flushing in. Lastly, the Remix comes with a convenient key pocket, as no one likes being locked out of their car after a rewarding session. 

What conditions to use the SRFACE Remix in

We’re confident to state that our Remix is the ultimate all-round wetsuit. It truly is the best of both worlds. Warmer than our Flex and more flexible than our Heat wetsuits. Depending on where you surf, you can use the SRFACE Remix wetsuit during different periods of the year. Choose the 4/3mm for spring and fall, and switch to the 5/4mm or 5/4mm hooded in winter.

Introducing the Remix 3/2

Currently the Remix comes in 4/3mm and a 5/4mm (hooded & unhooded) version, keeping you warm and cosy during cold wintery sessions and the colder parts of spring and autumn. We are excited to announce that we’ll be launching a 3/2mm version as well. Be prepared for a remix of ultimate warmth and flexibility in warmer waters. Keep an eye on our website and socials for the latest news.

Remix or Heat?

Wondering which wetsuit is warmer? Choose the Heat if you’re surfing in very cold and windy conditions. The smoothskin panels protect against windchill and the sealed seams add an extra layer, preventing potential leaks. Choose the Remix if you’re looking for a more all-round high quality wetsuit that performs well in all conditions. It will be a little colder than the Heat in windy conditions. However, it’s more flexible than the Heat and Yamamoto 40 neoprene is slightly warmer in normal (less windy) surfing conditions than our regular limestone neoprene.


The SRFACE Remix is the ultimate all-round wetsuit made with top-of-the-line materials. Ultimate Heat. Ultimate Flex. Don’t compromise. Remix.

Behind the lens: Jan Bijl

Surfer: Marlon Lipke

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