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Introducing the SRFACE Flex 2/2mm Long Sleeve Shorty

Written by Sieuwe

Introducing the SRFACE Flex 2/2mm long sleeve shorty wetsuit, ideal for warmer days and shorter sessions. The SRFACE Flex model was originally developed as a 2/2mm short sleeve and a 3/2mm wetsuit. Now, to complete the Flex range, we have added a 2/2mm long sleeve shorty to the series.

The idea behind our Flex wetsuit is simple: It sets out to maximize flexibility for limitless and unconstricted surfing. The design is therefore aimed at effectuating maximum freedom of motion. We managed to design a wetsuit that is light and offers outstanding maneuverability. We did this by updating our designs and removing some of the features that are abundant in slightly warmer waters. Through a continuous process of testing and improving our designs in real-life surfing circumstances, we were able to create a wetsuit that excels in warmer spring and summer conditions. 

SRFACE Flex 2/2mm long sleeve shorty features

Our SRFACE Flex Long sleeve shorties are made with 100% Japanese limestone neoprene. This is currently the most flexible, warm and durable limestone neoprene available on the market. Limestone neoprene is much more environmentally friendly than its petroleum based predecessor and can be recycled. The quick drying hollow fiber plush insulation offers warmth and covers only the areas in which you need it most. This way, you’re able to stay flexible in your hips, shoulders and arms.

Put together with GBS seams and fully inside taped seams, our SRFACE Flex 2/2mm LSS enables you to most effectively retain your energy while surfing. The flexible nylon lining feels smooth on the skin and stretches 400% in all directions. Without the smoothskin mesh panels and liquid sealed seams, SRFACE Flex wetsuits have an increased elongation compared with other wetsuit models. All stress points on seam corners are reinforced on the inside with a welded on Melco dot. Melco dots provide extra strength, making your SRFACE Flex wetsuit last longer and prevent it from tearing.

Have a look at all the SRFACE Flex long sleeve shorty features here.

What conditions to use the SRFACE Flex 2/2mm long sleeve shorty in

When water temperature rise to around 18~25°C in the European summer, our advice is to use a short sleeve wetsuit or shorty with long sleeves. Both wetsuit types are often available in both GBS and flatlock seam constructions. A long sleeve shorty wetsuit works especially well when the water is still warm and the air a little colder, often at the end of summer. It keeps your body and arms warm and provides that boardshort feeling we’re always chasing. Long sleeve shorties usually come in 2 millimeter thick neoprene panels.


If flexibility and freedom of motion are your main criteria, then you might have found your new wetsuit in our Flex range. Light and flexible, now also available in a 3/2mm short sleeve for men, a 3/2mm and 4/3mm, and our most recent 2/2mm long sleeve shorty. When the water is still warm and the air is starting to cool, the 2/2mm long sleeve shorty is able to still provide you with a playful boardshort feeling.

If you are not sure yet about what might be the best wetsuit for you – no problem. Our experienced team of surfers is standing by to provide you with expert wetsuit advice. Looking to discuss your personal size requirements? Just hit us up on live chat

Surfers: Paul Tesson & Laura Elise

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