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Introducing the SRFACE Surf Hood

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Surf hood

Looking for the best surf hood? Winter is officially in full effect. Water temperatures across Europe are dropping and you better get ready to embrace the cold. The winter season does come with some advantages: It brings us bigger and more consistent swells and usually thins out the crowds, as warm weather surfers prefer to stay back home by the fire.

On the other side, we immediately feel that the fight against the colder water requires more and more energy as your body tries to prevent hypothermia. So why not give your body a helping hand? We’d like to introduce our new SRFACE Accessories, including everything you need to withstand the cold.

SRFACE surf hood

It is estimated that you’ll lose about 40-50% of your body’s heat through your head. So if you don’t own a wetsuit with an integrated hood but you’re keen on surfing through the winter, you’ll need a separate surf cap.

The SRFACE 3.5mm separate surf hood keeps you warm, comfortable and protects you from those nasty brain freezes during duck dives. It fits right under your wetsuit and is designed with a double collar neck which keeps the hood in place and prevents water from entering your wetsuit. Surf caps also do a great job in preventing surfer’s ear. The inner neck panel sits inside your wetsuit while the outer flap falls over your wetsuit creating a water seal. The hood comes with a comfortably shaped adjustable chin panel, which again helps to prevent water from entering your wetsuit.

Why use a separate surf hood?

A separate surf hood can come in handy for multiple reasons. Some surfers simply don’t like the feeling of wearing a hood and only choose to wear it when absolutely necessary. In that case it’s better to buy a wetsuit with a separate hood so you can always choose to leave it at home. This also eliminates the problem of a dangling neoprene flap in your neck if you have a hooded wetsuit but decide to ‘not wear it’. Furthermore, a hood blocks wind hitting your ears, which can cause surfers’ ears even in warmer weather. If you are prone to surfers’ ears and in need of protection, buy a separate hood that can be worn with every wetsuit.

The advantages of a hooded wetsuit

While the reasons for wearing a separate hood are plenty, the fact is that ​​a wetsuit with built-in hood seals off much better. If you want to stay warm more than anything else and minimize the chances of water entering in your wetsuit we’d recommend a hooded wetsuit. A 5/4 mm wetsuit with a built-in hood is the best option for most surfers in western Europe. You can consider a 6 mm or thicker hooded wetsuit in the middle of winter in northern European countries like Norway or Denmark.

What surf hood to choose?

So what kind of surf cap to choose? Simply put, it is a matter of personal preference. You’ll have to make the choice between warmth and convenience. A hooded wetsuit seals off better, minimizing water entry and allowing you to stay warm longer. A separate hood can be advantageous when you’re looking for a hood that can be worn with multiple wetsuits. It is easy to take on and off but might be a little more frisky…

Find the right surf hood size

All accessories are tight-fitting flexible garments designed to keep you warm in cold water. To get the most out of yours, it is important that it fits your body like a second skin.

In roughly 90% of the cases, the SRFACE Size Finder finds the right size for you. Every so often, you will match some of the variables but not all of them. In these cases, SRFACE offers personal and real-time wetsuit size advice. Get in touch with our experienced customer support team run by surfers, and we’ll walk you through finding the right wetsuit size.

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