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Summer wetsuit guide: Finding the right wetsuit thickness for this summer!

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As the days lengthen and the sun grows brighter, it’s evident that summer is here. In some regions this means saying goodbye to 6/5 and 5/4 mm wetsuits, and in some other regions you might still need to wait for summer. However, one thing is clear with the changing season: It’s time to refresh your wetsuit wardrobe.

With this wetsuit thickness guide, we’ll navigate through the optimal thicknesses for various water temperatures and explore the perfect SRFACE wetsuit model tailored to your surfing requirements. Let us guide you towards the ideal wetsuit for your summer surfing sessions.

Water Temperature Matters

Before diving in, consider this: Where will you be surfing this summer? Comfort is key when surfing, and there’s nothing worse than feeling too warm or cutting a session short due to the cold. Getting your wetsuit thickness just right is crucial. That’s why we need to find the suitable thickness for each water temperature.

2/2 mm wetsuit options Flex, Neoprene Top & Springsuit: Water temperatures above 20°C 

If you plan to spend summer in waters above 20 degrees (lucky you), your best bet will be one of our Flex or Neoprene Top & Springsuit models. These models are thin wetsuits with a main neoprene thickness of 2mm. Additional to the thin layer of neoprene these wetsuits have a GBS or flatlock stitching which lets some water through, making sure you do not overheat during your paddle battles in warmer water.

3/2 mm wetsuit options Remix, Heat, Flex & Eco: Water temperatures between 15~20°C

A popular pick for summer wetsuits is the 3/2 mm full suit, short sleeve or long sleeve shorty. Crafted with a 2mm or 3mm neoprene thickness for the core areas and a 2mm thickness for enhanced flexibility in the arms, shoulders, and lower legs, these wetsuits guarantee warmth during sessions in water temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius and above, all while maintaining exceptional flexibility.

4/3 mm wetsuit options Remix, Heat, Flex & Eco: Water temperatures between 12~15°C

Another popular pick among the summer options for European and US / Canadian surfers is a wetsuit with a 4/3 mm thickness. The main body part is covered with a thicker layer of 4mm neoprene, while the 3mm neoprene in the arms and lower legs keep the suit flexible. The thickness makes it eligible for both your summer and autumn quiver, perfect choice if you ask us! 

Which SRFACE model suits you best?

Now that we’ve established the ideal millimeter thickness for various water temperatures, let’s turn our attention to finding the SRFACE model that aligns perfectly with your personal preferences.

At SRFACE, we believe in the elegance of simplicity. That’s why we’ve carefully designed four distinct wetsuit models for your summer wetsuit needs, each with its own unique set of qualities: Heat, Flex, Remix, and Eco. Beyond these core models, SRFACE offers a neoprene summer top for men and a springsuit for women. Ideal choices for those planning to embrace the upcoming summer in a tropical paradise. To clarify this set of options, we’ve curated the following quick insights for each model.

SRFACE Heat wetsuits

The name says it all, this wetsuit is all about keeping you warm. SRFACE Heat wetsuits are made with limestone neoprene and a couple of specific features in the wetsuit guarantee optimal thermal efficiency: Smoothskin chest and back panels and liquid sealed outside seams for instance.

SRFACE Flex wetsuits

SRFACE Flex wetsuits are designed for maximum freedom of motion. This model is also made with limestone neoprene and has two additional models in the 2/2 mm thickness section, namely a long sleeve shorty for men and women and a 2/2 mm short sleeve shorty for men.

SRFACE Remix (Yamamoto) wetsuits

Inspired by invaluable customer feedback, our Remix model embodies both warmth and unparalleled freedom of movement. The wetsuit is made from Japanese Yamamoto #40 neoprene which is currently the pinnacle of neoprene quality — the Remix ensures unmatched warmth and flexibility without compromise.

SRFACE Eco (Yulex) wetsuits

If you’re looking for the most sustainable wetsuit, the SRFACE Eco wetsuit is your best choice. SRFACE Eco wetsuits are made with Yulex®, a neoprene-free material. The flexible foam maximises flexibility and insulation while causing minimum harm to our environment. All Yulex® rubber plantations are FSC® certified.

Bare in mind, these are just short insights into our models. If you want to learn more about them and their materials, here is everything you need to know!

Your best wetsuit for summer!

At SRFACE we like to keep things simple, that’s why we’ve summarized our thickness advice in the thickness calculator below. Find your home location, select your season and we will provide the right wetsuit thickness and we’ll meet you in the water!

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