Limestone neoprene

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Limestone neoprene was invented in the 1960’s. The main neoprene compound remains chloroprene, but instead of using dirty petroleum based ingredients it now uses calcium carbonate from limestone to form chloroprene rubber chips. These rubber chips are melted down in an oven and go through a chemical process. The melted substance is infused with air bubbles and baked into a block of neoprene foam. This block is then sliced in any neoprene thickness needed to make your wetsuits, ranging from 0.4mm to 10mm thickness and everything in between. The elongation, flexibility and insulation characteristics of limestone neoprene are the same or better than its predecessor petroleum based neoprene, but are way less harmful to the environment. This makes limestone neoprene one of the most flexible warm and most eco friendly neoprene types out there.

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