Mesh neoprene

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Mesh neoprene, or smoothskin neoprene, can be used as an outside finish of a wetsuit panel. Why is it called mesh? This is due to the fact that a mesh wire grid is used to heat seal the outside skin of the neoprene foam to make it durable and water repellant. This creates a mesh texture on the surface of the material. Mesh is a type of single lined skin neoprene that is similar to smoothskin or glideskin, but mesh is often less flexible and has a matt textured finish, while glideskin and smoothskin have a more shiny and smooth surface. These types of neoprene are often used on the chest and back panels of a wetsuit to keep you warmer in windy and cold conditions. The sealed material surface makes the water droplets run down faster without being absorbed by the lining, this protects you against windchill and makes it warmer than double lined neoprene.

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