Wetsuit fit

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The right fit for a wetsuit can be determined by a couple of things. Firstly, make sure you buy a wetsuit that matches your body shape and measurements by using a size chart or Size Finder. Don’t just buy a size large because you always wear large t-shirts. A wetsuit should feel very snug and slightly tight the first time you try it on. It’s important to note that this is normal. Of course, you should be able to move freely and breathe normal, but the neoprene material is flexible and will stretch after you’ve used your wetsuit for a couple of times, just like a new pair of jeans. Your wetsuit should show no ‘air bubbles’, wrinkles or excess material under the arms, shoulders and crotch. These air bubbles might fill itself with water and will drastically influence the wetsuits’ performance. If you’re not sure about the size, ask the brand’s customer support team to help you out. Always make sure that;

– Your neck is sealed tightly
– The arms and crotch fit tightly
– You’re able to lift your arms without too much resistance
– You’re able to bend down and forward without too much resistance

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