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The ultimate wetsuit for every surfer

Expensive suits are for the office, not the water

Our mission is clear – design the wetsuit we couldn’t find, at a price we could afford. We do what we do because we love surfing. We don’t care about the weather or how cold the water is, we just want to surf. We believe that the more you surf, the better you feel. And the less money you spend on your wetsuit, the more time you can spend in the water.

We grew up surfing the internet

Name one person who likes trying on wetsuits in a sweaty and sandy fitting room? Not us. No one. Ever. That’s why we sell exclusively online, and why we developed an intuitive Size Finder to make sure you get the suit that suits you, fast. And our direct-to-consumer approach also allows us to talk to you, directly.

We’re revolutionizing wetsuit shopping

Fit your wetsuit online, try it at home and then take it for a surf. The true test of a wetsuit is how it feels and fits when you get it wet, that’s why we give you 30 days to put it to the test; Sand, salt, wax, the works. And, selling exclusively online means you get all the high-end features and materials at up to 50% of the price.

Uncompromising wetsuit design...

We’ve spent over 30 years studying, designing and making wetsuits for some of the world’s leading surf brands. Our product is at the heart of everything we do, and when we’re paddling out for a session ourselves we’ll be wearing it and testing it.

… without the bullshit

And we want to know what you like about our wetsuits, as much as we want to know what you don’t like. That’s how we get you in the perfect wetsuit and ultimately, how we make our suits even better than they already are.

SRFACE loves service

To us, customer service means being easy to contact and quick to reply. Our experienced team of surfers is available 7 days a week and will help you with advice on your wetsuit, finding the right size or thickness or chat about your last (or next) surf trip. And our warranty does what it implies: We want you to surf in a wetsuit that works.

We strive for green

To SRFACE, ‘sustainability’ isn’t just some marketing buzzword. It’s an integral part of our compass and business strategy since the day we’ve founded our company.

  • Price-Quality-Planet decision making
  • Sustainable wetsuit materials
  • Wetsuit bag made from recycled plastic
  • Carbon neutral delivery

We design without compromise

Discover our design principles

Ready to hit the water?

There must be no surf, if you made it all the way down here. Or you’re stuck at work wishing you were in the water. We know the feeling.

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