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4/3 mm remix

Purmerend, Netherlands


Snug, not too wide or too tight

Felt great from moment one. Liked the email after ordering, to give tips about the wetsuit. Great content. One point of attention: As I have wide feet and wide hands, the extra tightness of the ankles and wrists does make it a bit difficult for the last part.

5/4 mm heat hooded

Poisy, France


Happy with my 5/4 hooded wetsuit

Ordering gave some issues on my iPad (the button was hidden under the fold). Support fixed it. I learned about SRFACE while surfing the web. Very happy with the product (warm and very soft and comfortable). I recommend it!

5/4 mm hooded

Portland, United States


Good value, decent performance

I've had the suit for one and a half cold water seasons and have found it great between 52 and 45 degree water, but not quite up to the task for sub 45 degree water/sub 35 degree air. For a 5/4, this is fine for me - the suit has good flex and I really like the cut of the hood. Takes a while to dry and the neoprene isn't quite as dense or buttery as some other Yamamoto suits I've owned, but this was also a fraction of the price. I did get some chest leakage, and the glue used to adhere the seam tape has come off in multiple spots requiring some aquaseal to readhere. The cuff traction is also coming off but I don't think it does much anyway so not a huge loss.

Philip Rafferty
5/4 mm hooded

Ennistymon, Ireland



Wanted to dry a different brand for a change, went for a Remix on a friend’s recommendation. Size Finder was bang on and ordering was clear and came quickly. Suit slides on easily and feels stretchy and light. Felt more like A 4mm than a 5/4. Great flex when paddling and the built in hood is nice and not restrictive. I like having a cinch on the chest and hood. Have had 4 surfs in late Nov west of Ireland. Was warm and comfortable. Would definitely recommend. Really good value and my fav winter suit I’ve ever had I think.

4/3 mm heat

Rostock, Germany


Impressive warm

Obviously it's very tight in the beginning. But that's normal. It hold water out of the suit very well. Even when diving. I'm very satisfied and will order again once my suit is not wearable anymore:)

Maud Descamps
5/4 mm hooded

Quaregnon, Belgium


Promise delivered

I bought my wetsuit a year ago. I wanted to give a long-term review. I tried both the heat and remix hooded 5/4. I used the GBomb Zipfree 4/3 for all seasons from Rip Curl. The transition to 5/4 was not that easy. However, I like the coverage of the hood. It was a significant upgrade in comparison to the Rip Curl Heat hood. It covers well and comfortably the chin, and that is both the heat and the remix. I tried them both at sea. I tried first the Heat, and it was too difficult to paddle. I switched right after (20-minute session), and the remix was a game-changer. From a longer-term perspective, I have heard that they tend to loosen a bit, which is true. I have kept the Remix and returned the Heat. A year later (so when I am writing this review), I will move to Sweden, and I wonder if I should have been more patient with the Heat and given it a go. However, for North Sea conditions in winter, the remix is perfect. A detail to add: the wetsuit does have a loose stitch, which is a pleasant surprise as I have experienced such issues with the pricier Rip Curl wetsuit. I want to highlight the excellent customer service who were there to answer my questions and assist me with my delivery as I received it not the next day but a week later. The team was there to look for it, and was accessible, even for requests linked to repair tips.

Stephen Brown
4/3 mm remix

Cornwall , United Kingdom


Fantastic suit

This is one of best suits I’ve had in over 35years of cold water surfing. Warm and flexible with just plenty of good thinking in the design.

4/3 mm remix

Fleurey Sur Ouche, France


Remix 4/3

The order went well. Parcel perfectly well packaged. I chose SRFACE because you offer a material that does not come from petroleum and it is reassuring for my health. In addition, the price is not excessive. The cut is well suited to my body shape and corresponds to the size table you offer. It's comfortable and waterproof. It protects very well from the cold even in 4/3. However, the boots, gloves and hood are not very waterproof and water seeps in very quickly. Too bad. We will see over time if everything remains efficient and in good condition. For the moment I am very satisfied and I recommend it to my friends. See you soon !

3/2 mm heat

Cascais, Portugal


No weak point appearing so far

Fits well. Warm. The material stretches a lot, this is good for fitting but not good because a lot of water comes in during falls (especially kiting). Also, downwind shoulder is flapping in strong wind.

Paul Voit
5/4 mm heat hooded

Berlin, Germany


Very good

Everything worked fine, from instant helpful support choosing the right size to the delivery. Surfed once with the suit so far and it fit very well and I wasn't cold at all. I'd totally recommend this suit.