How are SRFACE wetsuits tested?

How are SRFACE wetsuits tested?

We put our products to the test before we produce and sell them. These extensive tests improve the wetsuit’s quality, performance, fit and durability. How are SRFACE wetsuits tested? Firstly, a fitting model with the right size tries on a first wetsuit sample. This makes sure the fit is correct. Secondly, we test all samples for their performance and durability. We do this in real-life surfing conditions and we iterate and update our design as long as it needs improvements. Therefore, we’re able to spot potential issues before bulk production. We repeat this process until we’re 100% happy with a wetsuit design.

Sample making

After our wetsuit designers have finished their first design, they translate the design into wetsuit patterns and a technical specification. This pattern and ‘techspec’ include material specifications and colours, logo placements and seam constructions. Thereafter, the sample phase starts at our wetsuit factory. We make a sample based on the final design and technical specification. Our designers and factory work closely together to ensure an optimal outcome. After that, the wetsuit designers extensively review the finished wetsuit samples. Our designers ensure the samples match their designs and specification. If they find any issues, the design will be updated. This results in the best possible product that is ready for future bulk production.

surfer on snow beach with SRFACE hooded wetsuit

Testing phase

How are SRFACE wetsuits tested? Testing the wetsuit’s function is an important next step. To do so, a team of wetsuit testers are put to work. The fit is tested by fitting models. This is followed by a number of functional tests. The wetsuit is used as you normally would. This includes taking it on and off, duck diving, wiping out and of course actually surfing in it. Our wetsuit testers check for water leaks, seam irritations, excess materials and tight areas.

Neoprene booties gloves and hood wipeout

Durability test

You can’t pick up all problems during a short test. Therefore, we also test our wetsuits over a long period of time. Our test team makes sure the wetsuit doesn’t develop any problems after intense use. We’ll often run an A/B test between different designs to find out if wetsuit A works better than wetsuit B. To A/B test a wetsuit we develop two almost identical samples to compare only one variable: An extra seam or different material for example. This way, we can compare the influence of these features on fit and performance. We’ll continue to work on the winner of these A/B tests.

Wetsuit pattern size adjustment pencil marker

Improvements and revisions

Our wetsuit designers compile the test results of all the tested prototypes. They discuss possible improvements with the rest of the SRFACE team. This team includes the wetsuit testers, product designers and our manufacturer. Thereafter, we’ll produce a new prototype with the agreed upon improvements. A new sample will undergo the same testing cycle. This process is repeated multiple times until all issues are resolved. This results in a perfect prototype wetsuit, ready to be produced in bulk.

Surfer fitting SRFACE wetsuit

Wetsuit performance and comfort

We put a great amount of effort in testing our wetsuits. This contributes to our wetsuit’s comfort and performance. Wetsuit performance is partly determined by the amount of flexibility. Another important factor is the amount of insulation. A high-end wetsuit is extremely flexible. Therefore, it doesn’t restrict you in your movement in the water. This should also be true for a thicker neoprene wetsuit. The more flexible and soft a wetsuit is, the higher the comfort. But the right fit, thickness and panel layout of your wetsuit are important factors too. Our wetsuit designers determine the ideal balance of these factors during the wetsuit testing process. This includes the type of materials, seam construction, panel thickness, seam placements, and fit.

A continuously updated design

Over the past decades, wetsuits have come a long way. Generations of wetsuit designers have perfected and redesigned them. Including, styling, function, materials, and durability. We’ve learned a lot from previous generations wetsuits. Testing, trial and error and hours spent in the water have perfected certain panel layouts. Any new wetsuit should learn from its predecessors. Evolved by making previous models better. Thus resulting in a continuously updated design, with a proven panel layout. You can share your valuable feedback with us to improve our wetsuits. This creates an ever-evolving wetsuit design. Take part in the development of future wetsuits by leaving a review or by contacting us directly.

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